we got married during a pandemic

yeah yeah, i am four… yes FOUR months into being married and im just writing a blog post about it. i share a lot with you guys & i figured this was something i wanted to share. i tell you all the good, bad and the ugly and well and this was all three.

its sort of funny to me how things played out really, i went from writing a blog post about getting engaged to how i couldnt wait to get married in 3 months, to how pissed off i was that my whole wedding was up in the air and now im telling you that i officially got married in may. but dont worry, we are having a big celebrate next May, well we hope so anyways.

so at the end of april, wisconsin was under the “safer at home”. we pretty much had to stay home and couldnt go anywhere unless it was essential. well, i had all my invites, details and RSVP cards, addressed envelopes and stamps all on the table and i started to pack the envelopes with all the cards i had and then i got an update on my phone that wisconsin was going to stay under the “safer at home” order until the end of may which only left a week before our wedding. i was literally was 5 invites in and sat there and thought: “omfffffffffffffffffffffg”.

we had no choice, we had to cancel our wedding.

yes, i figured this was going to happen but the fact of hearing it made it real. i didnt know what to do, i didnt. nick and i talked it over and over and we knew to keep everyone safe, we would have to reschedule the wedding. i then walked by myself over to the garbage can and threw away all of the invites and RSVP cards but guess what?? i didnt need them. okay i am making this sound really dramatic like it was over cast outside and i slowly walked into the kitchen, ponder life by looking out the window and threw away the invites lol.

next step was trying to contact our venue and from there we had to pick a new date which is may 22nd, 2021, this date has no meaning what so ever, we just picked a random one. once that date was changed then we and by we, i mean i, i contacted all the other vendors and hoped that may 22nd was available on their ends. im pretty sure it was a gift from whoever but all our vendors were able to switch our date to the new one and BOOM! same wedding just different date! this was such a relief! then it was time to find the most appropriate change the date cards and send them out. here are the ones we ended up getting.

now what? what do we do? do we wait? do we get married? how do we get married when the court house isnt open? should we wait for june 6th or should we get married sooner? do we have time to get married soon?

well, let me tell you. we knew we wanted to get married sooner than later. we just want to get it over with (okay i didnt mean it like that, we just really wanted to get married) and live together as a married couple. deep down, i always wanted to get married on may 10th because that was my grandparents wedding anniversary. more specifically, my grandma joyces wedding anniversary. she was my heart and soul. i miss her dearly and i knew, from a young age, i wanted may 10th as my wedding day and thats what i got! now, comes the question of soooooo how did you get married if everything is closed?

this is my grandma & grandpa on their wedding in 1958

we did a lot of googling haha, like a lot. so like i said, everything was closed. now this is for milwaukee county, i am not sure what other cities would have looked like but i would think must would look about the same.

i wont sit here and bore you with all the details but everything was over video and email. i had to call the court house, set up a time to zoom a country clerk and then we had to prove who we were. after we showed our IDs and birth certificates and put up our right hands and said whatever we did and just like that, we get our marriage licence. it was weird. and about 5 mins after we were grated to get married, she sent over our marriage licence in a PDF and there it was.we were able to get married in 7 days but had to get married within 30 days. we were worried we wouldnt be able to do this so quickly because at this point, it was two weeks before may 10th and we knew things at the state level can take time but things were in our favor!

so you have your marriage licence and now what? well, we had to get our rings made and has to start to “plan our big day”. when it came to the rings, that was easy! my wedding band i got where nick got my engagement ring and i was able to have it finished within a week and half… it pays to knew the right people 😉 i picked up my ring i think 4 days before the wedding. and yes, i wore it the whole car ride home, i was obsessed! i am still obsessed!! nick knew he wanted his ring to semi look like his dads and we knew just who to call. our family friend greg met with nick and nick explained what he wanted and boom! nick had a ring within a week. gregs work is amazing!

now for planning…how do you plan for a wedding during a pandemic and make sure that everyone is safe? we knew we had to have our wedding outside just to make sure there was enough space for people and we really didnt have a choice because everything was closed. we orginally were going to get married on the beach at south shore park butttttttt in true wisconsin fashion…our wedding day was in the 30s with rain and snow. wouldnt be wisconsin if it didnt snow or rain on an important day. so we had to move everything from the beach to the humbolt part band shelter. which wasnt a problem because still enough space and it was covered!

we made sure to keep our group to about 10 people and made sure it was our families or people we have been around this whole time. i had my maid of honor come, who signed the licence and then nicks best man came and signed it too. we had our parents and my now sister in law with my nephew and of course my sister (yes i have a sister, well no blood but pretty close!) and then our officiate! oh and cannot forget my main lady, arissa for taking the photos (and for making my crown!)

and then, we had a wedding!

ugh i was so cold! like thank god i had a jean jacket that my dear friend natalie made. and UM GUYS! she makes custom jackets for brides and grads and everyone else in between. the jacket literally saved my life, well saved my arms from falling off from being so cold. i would recommend her work 110%, it so well done!

tmym etsy shop

tmym ig page

we had everyone over for lunch and drinks… a lot of drinks! and here we are, 4months and still married 😉

talk soon!

xoxo kelsey

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