(highly recommend the pretzel grilled cheese and a beer from lakefront brewery )

holy shit, but really HOLY SHIT! i know youre thinking: where have you been? why did you start this blog and didnt keep going like you said you would? let me tell you, life over here has been nothing short of uneventful.

over the past month a lot as happened from losing someone that forever will be close to my heart and my families hearts, to me falling off my bike, (…..ugh dont ask) cracking my head open and having a concussion to again HOLY SHIT its almost mid july and i have no idea where i am.

anyway, i just have this feeling of having to express what it is i have learned/felt lately:

  • tomorrow isnt guaranteed
  • ask someone how they are, their feelings matter too
  • youll never know if the last time youll say “i love you” to someone will be the last, so tell them you love them
  • life is as happy as YOU make it, happiness isnt handed to you
  • eat whatever the fuck you want, in moderation obvi…that ice cream isnt going to kill you and i wont tell anyone if you do eat it 😉
  • call your family & friends, even if its just a quick “hi”
  • life is way too short
  • enjoy the simplicity of what you have/what is around you
  • pay it forward
  • if someone needs help, help them
  • wear your helmet, please. cracking your head open SUCKS!

now now, this is only a fraction of what ive learned/having been feeling here (we would be here for days if i wrote them all out). unfortunately, it did take two pretty traumatic events to happen to have me realize some of these things. I want to share these with you because i can only hope i am able to make an impact on your life/thinking.

i promise you i will be posting a lot more, more food and home things!!

xo kelsey


(me rocking a 22.5 mile bike ride yesterday^^)


mke boating


welcome back lovies! i hope everyone had a relaxing long weekend! my weekend was filled with non-stop food and drinks with friends and family.

i am so happy it is finally warm (great, now i jinxed it) to enjoy downtown again. the start of the warm weather means a lot of things for milwaukee like summerfest, actually every kind of fest, grilling, brewer games and of course boating.


one of my favorite things to do during late spring and summer is boating. and if you know anything about me, i hate the water but i can handle boating! thank god for nicks parents because they are the reason i get to enjoy it. they dock their boat on the milwaukee river. from there we either cruse up and down the river or we pull out the big guns and take on the lake (dont worry, we stay inside the break water) .


although, im not 100% sure what is it but there is something about boating and still being in the city that i love. i love that i can enjoy the sun and wind while still being able to see the sky line, hear the cars and buses and see people walking along side us. i love the idea of being able to use the boat to go from place to place instend of a car.


i may be a little bias but i think everyone should experience the milwaukee river and/or the lake at least once in their life. okay okay, its not anywhere a life changing event but there is something about it that i know you’ll enjoy. there are so many different ways to explore the water down here, canoeing, paddle tavern, boat cruises, rentals or byob (bring your own boat….lol). now i just have to convince nicks parents to let me drive!

xo kelsey