chill on the hill w/press

i feel like ive been non stop all summer long! am i alone here?

i hope not.

milwaukee as so much going on in summer, that i feel like i am missing so much because im doing so much. can i get an amen??

since moving to bayview (yes, its only been a year but feels like home), one of my FAVORITE things to do is go to chill on the hill. chill on the whaaaa? chill on the hill is why i love tuesdays in the summer. chill on the hill is held at humboldt park, in bayview. in the park, they have a band shell that is “especially designed for acoustic excellence”. and it does not disappoint. music from local musicians play from 6-8:30. i really like that chill on the hill is made possible due to all their local sponsors and the bay view neighborhood association.

now lets be honest, the real reason why i love chill on the hill so much is because of the food you get to eat. they do have local food trucks and restaurants that set up but if youre anything like me, you take great pride in creating snacks. of course, we have a drink or three while we are there too.

even though i take pride in snack making, i go pretty simple and easy.

here are my go tos:

  • cheese, my goal here is to get 2-3 cheeses i have never had before and i wait until i get there to try them. some of my favorite spots to get cheese are outpost, sendik’s and woodmans.
  • crackers and i try and get different ones every time, some of my favorites are marys and back to nature
  • green apple because cheese, crackers and an apple slice are awesome!
  • “something speical”, in this case i bought cheese whips wrapped in salami but i normally make something different each week
  • fruit
  • veggies
trays can be found here

and this week… i also brought press seltzer.

cooler can be found here

whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt is press seltzer? well its a locally made and comes in some awesome flavors. my favorite flavor is the blackberry hibiscus but i really would drink all the flavors just because they are that good. what i like about press is, their flavors are fresh and they use different flavor combos which in the end, end up just working together. dont you wish everything in life was that easy? just kidding, then life would be boring!

once everything is packed up, we talk over, set up & eat while enjoying the bands that play.

chair can be found here
foldable table can be found here

if you live in milwaukee or near milwaukee, i would recommend chill on the hill 110%. which means, you need to keep your schedule cleared on tuesdays. well actually mondays too much you gotta plan, buy and get your snacks and drinks ready for tuesday! (and no, that is something i dont do, just a suggestion 😉 )

xoxo kelsey

forever the best photos by: ARISSA



blogger collab day: ripon wi

now i bet your wondering what i was doing in ripon a few weeks back right? but are you also wondering what or where ripon is?

ripon is a small town that is north of milwaukee, its about an hour and half drive. the reason why i headed up there was because of blogger collab day. ladies, if you dont follow blogger collab day on IG, its a must! i have met a lot of my “blogger friends” as i call them through blogger collab day.

so ladies, once you follow them, keep your eyes out for their next event and SIGN UP! its so worth it, again you get to meet like-minded, supportive and encouraging women, you always get a swag bag filled with goodies and you walk away with some amazing picture taken by amanda vick! but best of all you leave we lasting memories.

i know youre just dying to hear about the day and the shops that hosted us and the food we ate, right? right!


this was where we started off our day, this was a cute little (jk it was huge) coffee shop in downtown ripon. although i got their a little later than everyone else did, i still was able to get a yummy iced latte & their delish breakfast they provided for us. and me being me, i took a look at the other food that they on their menu and it looks SO good. i might just go back for the food 😉


i love this shop! omg. can you double love something? im going to say you can, because i double love this shop! this is a shop you wouldnt excpet to see in a town like this, meaning this shop has the latest fashion, locally made items like earrings from dynamo and so much more. they even have sassy cards for celebrations, small air plants and even a mens section. the owner of the shop is the sweetest and know how to pair pieces of clothing with your body type. whats really nice too, is the stop will post on the facebook about what they have and are willing to ship it to you.


i loved the vibe of this shop. it kind of reminded me of anthro but a little more rustic. which just meant i wanted to buy the whole store. what i really liked about this shop was, their upstairs was like a flea market and by that i mean, there was a lot of random yet unique things. they also have a lot of vintage things too, i love when a piece could tell a story.


deep deep down, i love rustic and farmhouse style and decor . and this place had just that! i love that this shop goes out and tries to find the best looking rustic, vintage and farmhouse styled stuff. i think i did about 20 laps around the store because i wanted to make sure i didnt miss anything. i wish had a had more shops like this in milwaukee because i love seeing old/vintage things in a new light.


i literally had no idea this was even a thing! i guess i am so used to wisconsin being known for beer that i didnt even think about wine! and this place didnt just have wine…they had pizza and it was one of the best pizzas i have ever had! of course, their wine was pretty good too. we all shared a few of their margarita pizzas and i sipped on a glass of their marquette rose. i really enjoyed the relaxing vibe of this place, it was a great way to end blogger collab day!

annnnd one more place i dont want to miss talking about.


i loved this shop, because it was fully of plants. and i love plants. but really this shop was so cute and corky, i loved it. of course i waked away with a spider plant (it was like the store knew i always wanted one). i think i could live in the shop if i had too 🙂

and that was my blogger collab day in ripon! i would suggest visiting this cute little town. i kind of see it as a big little town.

happy monday!

xoxo kelsey

4th of july with Sendik’s

am i the only one who cant believe that its july? i mean WHAT! i think its hard to believe that its july because of all this crazy not summer like weather we have been having. and here i go talking about weather…just be warm and sunny wisconsin so we can talk about something else!

well, i have something else to talk about, and im pretty sure youre going to want to stick around and see what it is.

one of my favorite things to do is plan. i love all the work, details and ideas that go into any sort of plan. i really enjoy planning events, big or small, it doesnt matter as long as i get to be a part of it. since the 4th of july is almost here, i recently partnered with Sendik’s Food Market. what Sendik’s is, is a local, family owned grocery store that has now expanded over the metro milwaukee area. a little fun fact, the first store is on the east side of milwaukee , it all started there in 1926.

what i like about Sendik’s is how easy they make it to get ready for any event. from having pre-cut cheese and fruits to house made chips and salsa, it literally cuts down on so much time. i think can use that time to spend with my family and friends at the events/parties i plan.

with the 4th around the corner, i thought Sendik’s was the perfect place to shop for my 4th of july party musts!

here are some of my musts for a successful party:

  • anything themed for the event. so for this since its the 4th of july = stars & strips oh and you cannot forget the sparklers!
  • chips and salsa
  • fruit
  • veggies
  • cheese
  • taco dip
  • crackers

i love decorating too, okay i love it all! i love planning and decorating. i mean, who doesnt? i went to michael’s and got most of my decor there. some of it though, i just had at home. i love reusing what i already have because it saves you a few extra bucks.

like i said before, Sendik’s makes it SO easy to great ready for guests. i dont think i have ever spend less time on prepping and finishing food. Sendik’s has become my go to for getting ready for pretty much any gathering.

now, i know youre itching to know how i made all these goodies, have no fear i have listed everything i did and used:


this was the easiest of the easiest! Sendik’s makes yummy house made tortilla chips and salsa too. you guys know i love spicy so i went with the medium and it was just right. i wasnt too spicy (i couldve gone a little spicier) but this is perfect for guests because then everyone can enjoy. now i didnt get the house made chips for just the salsa, i got them for…


literally, you can never go wrong with taco dip. now Sendik’s does make their own dip, so if youre that pressed for time, that is always an option! My taco dip was super easy to make.

here is what is needed:

  • 16oz of sour cream ( i used Sendik’s brand)
  • one block of cream cheese, room temp.
  • one packet of taco seasoning
  • a bag of shredded lettuce
  • a bag of cheddar cheese
  • one medium sized tomato
  • green onions
  • a small can of black olives

how to make:

  • make sure that your cream cheese is room temperature. i make sure i set mine out at least an hour before i start making the dip.
  • once cream cheese is room temperature, add to a mixing bowl along with the sour cream and taco seasoning.
  • once mixed, add it evenly to a serving plate
  • chop up the tomato and green onion
  • spread the lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, olives on top of the mix
  • top with green onions

so easy! and of course, i paired it with the Sendik’s chips.


again this was so easy to get together, Sendik’s has cheese cubes that are already cut up. i went to with pepper jack cheese for the white, then cherry tomatoes for the red and then use blueberries for the blue. the cheese bobs, as i call them ,would be easy if you were in need of a dish to pass at a fourth of july party.


these are another easy to put together snack for the 4th. i think these were the easiest of all. Sendik’s has pre-cut watermelon (along with other fruits) and all i did from where was take a star cookie cutter pushed it into the already cut watermelon and made stars. then i used the rest of the blueberries from the cheese bobs and BOOM i had the star sticks.

and just like that…you ready for the fourth of july! if youre anything like me, you love to have snacks that fit in right with the holiday and you also love having food that you know everyone is going love. AND who doesnt like when snacks are quick and easy to get ready? if it wasnt for Sendik’s, i think i would still be there getting ready for the 4th 😉

well, happy 4th everyone! make sure to eat a lot and enjoy your time with friends & family.

xoxo kelsey

pictures by the AMAZING arissa:



h2o health hydration oasis: will i go back?

when i was asked if i wanted to partner with h2o health hydration oasis, i said yes without any hesitation. and that is something i never do. i usually pull the ” i need to think about this” or “let me check my calendar” and then go from there.

i guess another reason why i didnt hesitate is because i knew i always wanted to try and iv drip but i never knew where to go or who to trust.

i walked into h2o and was instantly greeted by one of their friendly staff members. i explained i was there to meet with dr. fox and next thing i knew i hear: “is that miss kelsey!?”. i was in love already! from there, dr. fox showed me around her wellness clinic and let me tell you, i felt right at home and i hadnt even started my iv drip yet.

after such a warm welcome, dr. fox walked me around her clinic. she showed me the different places where you can receive your drip, there is the community room (where i went) and then room that are smaller for parents or people how prefer more privacy. next stop was her office. the walls were lined with all her achievements, i mean come on! shes a super women, she is an anesthesiologist! i mean thats the top of the top plus she owns h2o health hydration oasis! BOSS BABE. then she showed me where they mix all their juices and vitamins…yes i dont know all the technical terms lol. but dr. fox told me that all the drips are mixed in house, for your needs. nothing is premixed or prepackaged.

after filling out some info, dr. fox took me into on of rooms where should set up arm up for the iv. now, if youre scared of needles, dont let that discourage you. she put the needle into my arm, with no problems and she said the needle is so small, you cant feel a thing once it is in. she reassured me that it was going to be quick and easy, and it was!

then i made my way into the community room, where the drip was hooked up to my arm. next, they gave me the option of having oxygen and i never had this before so i said i would. they even add lavender to it because hello! i love lavender. once everything was hooked up, i got the change to chat with dr. fox.

here are some the questions i asked along with questions i got from you guys:

  • WHERE IS THIS LOCATED: in the metro milwaukee area, on greenfiled ave, in brookfield. dr. fox did say she would like to have a location closer to downtown. a really awesome thing that she does is, she have a van called “h2o to go”. its a van that is a mobile iv therapy clinic! dr. fox explained they will make house calls, they will be there after a wedding for the wedding party or they will go to festivals around the milwaukee area.
  • HOW WAS IT? i loved it! i was a little scared at first because i didnt know how it would make me feel or what was being put into my body. like i said before, i felt a sense of comfort right away when i walked in and to be honest, i didnt want to leave when i was finished. also, dr. fox and her staff make sure that everything was going as planned and reassured me that everything was going to be okay.
  • HOW DID IT MAKE YOU FEEL? um i felt super amazing! i remember getting into my car and feeling so refreshed and happy. my mood was lifted and i felt so relaxed too. i felt really hydrated too. overall, i felt like a new person!
  • YOU HAD BOTH IV DRIP & OXYGEN? yes. so you get the iv drip that is tallored to your needs. once the iv is set up and they are about to start the drip, they ask if youd like oxygen. i choose to get mine with lavender but you can choose from different scents or have no scent at all.
  • HOW DO YOU KNOW YOURE GETTING THE RIGHT DRIP? dr. fox like i said is amazing. she asks you how your feeling before you start your drip. i told her that i was feeling like i was getting a cold and i had a headache going on. she then told me everything she was going to put in my drip, why she was putting it in there and how its going to help me after my drip ended.
  • I HATE NEEDLES, SO I COULD NEVER DO THIS! trust me, you totally can! the needle that is put into your arm is so small, you cant even feel it. yes, there is a little pinch when the needle first goes in but after that nothing. you cant even feel like removing it. also, they make sure to cover up your arm so you dont have to see the needle in your arm.
  • WHAT IS THE STAFF LIKE? amazing. i will say over and over again, how nice, caring and welcoming they were. dr. fox told me that her staff are medical professionals (RN and LNP ) who work in emergency rooms. and her being an md! she said she wants her staff to have the knowledge and background for anything that might or could happen.
  • WOULD YOU DO IT AGAIN? hands down, 100% yes!

if i told you that i didnt dream about getting drips all the time, that would be a lie! i also kind want to be my new bff? too much?

anyways, i would recommend h2o and over again and i cant wait to be back for more! and thank you to and her amazing staff for having me and making me feel like a new woman!

xoxo kelsey

H2O HEALTH HYDRATION OASIS: Milwaukee’s first and only custom IV therapy clinic.

phone: 262.277.1018



interview with social sparkling wine

photo by: arissa

i recently was given the privilege to work with the amazing brand : social sparkling wine!

here is my interview with them, you can also check it out on their website!

xoxo enjoy babes!


We have a guest blogger in our midst! Kelsey Traindl is the mastermind behind lifestyle blog @kupofkelsey! She is native to Milwaukee and loves cooking but loves her dog Glen even more! We sat down with Kelsey to learn a bit more about her and her passion for blogging!

What does a typical day in your life look like?

I wake up and think about all that I’m grateful for, I wake up my puppy because you know puppy life is hard! Then down a smoothie on my way to work. At work, I think of all the possible ways to create my next move, I think about what I can create next that people will love. On my way home, I either listen to music or a motivating podcast. Once home, I play with my pup, workout, make dinner (one of my favorite parts of the day) and then relax and get myself ready for the next day!

How do you maintain balance in your life?

I make sure that I am always trying something new. By new I mean, a new workout class, a new restaurant, a new recipe or meeting up with a new friend. I think it’s important to change up life as much as you can because for me, it keeps me motivated and inspired.

What are your passions and what inspires you to pursue them?

My passions are blogging, cooking and working out. I love blogging. I never knew it would be something that I would fall in love with. I never liked writing when I was in school so I surprise myself daily when I turn to my blog and start to write. I love knowing that I can impact lives of others through my words and perspective. When it comes to cooking, I love the mystery of what you’re making. Will it be good? Did I add enough of this or that? I also love that it can be really up to you as to how you want the recipe to go. I love seeing the reaction on peoples faces when they try your food for the first time. Working out is something I do for enjoyment and self strength. I work out to feel good but I love to see what my body is capable of doing.

What is your favorite health trend?

Ballet Barre. I love ballet barre, I’ve been taking it once a week for a little over a year now. At first, I will admit that I was scared to start because it was something I had never tried before. After the first class, I was hooked! I guess I am really hooked because I’ve been pretty consistent for so long now. I love how the class challenges my body and mind and pushes to me to go that extra mile!

How do you stay motivated to live a healthy lifestyle?

By trying new workouts, new recipes and surrounding myself with positive, like-minded people.

Who is the most inspiring person you follow on Instagram and why?

@emmasedition, she is amazing. She inspires me because she helps me grow as a person but also an influencer. She gives real advice and tips on how grow your brand along with yourself. When I look at her content, she makes me feel like I can do it too, that I can make my Instagram or blog the way I envision it being. Another thing I love about her is: she does take the time out of her day to talk to you and give you suggestions on what it is you’re asking.  

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

As a full-time blogger and a stay at home dog mom! But in all seriousness, I want establish my brand and want others to hear my voice and be inspired.

What are some lessons or mottos you have for other women following a similar life/career path as you?

Don’t compare yourself to others. I know, I know this is easier said than done! But listen to me, there is a reason you are who you are. There is a reason why you are doing what you are doing and that’s because you know YOU have a voice and YOU have a purpose. You have to start somewhere and you will not grow overnight, you will grow within time…I promise you that.

What is your favorite flavor of SOCIAL?

I love Strawberry Rose, it’s such a crisp and clean flavor.

What is your favorite thing about SOCIAL?

Knowing that SOCIAL Sparkling Wine is organic means a lot to me. I try and eat as organic as I can and now I know that I can enjoy a drink that is organic too. And it even contains alcohol which mean you’re able to have fun and enjoy the world around you while still living clean!

eat some supernola!

let me tell you some truth, i dont always look like i do in all my blog posts or on my instagram. its kind of rare that i put on a nice, thought out outfit and do my hair. 95% of the time, youll find me in workout clothes with a messy bun. over the years, i have learned to not get upset over not looking put together, i rather worry about how im taking care of my body than worry about my hair looking perfect.

so if you find me with messy hair & workout clothes on, then you can safely assume i just finished working out. and if i just finished working out then that means im hungry.

but im always hungry soooooo working out would just make me that much more hungry? yeah, sounds about right.

both working out and eating healthy are important to me. i think its only right to treat your body with respect which means fueling it with a good work out and healthy, meaningful food.

and if you know me, i love local food. i love food that is made from the good stuff! i try my best to eat organically but that doesnt always work out which is okay, but when i find food that is organic, healthy & local, i become hooked!!

i have recently partnered with supernola. okay kelsey, what is that? well its the best chewy clusters of thoughtfully selected superfoods, nuts seeds and spices that i have ever tasted! andddddd im not just saying that. the taste is so fresh and they full of texture, its not like eating one of those super crunchy granola bars who claim to be health.

supernola is perfect for a mid-morning snack or after you get done doing a hour long HITT at shred415! or any workout for that matter. supernola is everything im a looking for in a snack. all their clusters are organic along with dairy, grain, gluten, soy and refined sugar free. they are also non-GMO and paleo. i love that i am able to just grab and go with these, i dont have to worry about “packing a snack” or “ill just wait until i get home to eat”. supernola makes snacking on the go so much easier. the clusters are packed with so many different flavors that come from superfoods, tree nuts, seeds and spices. its refreshing to have snacks that are healthy and not full of fillers. and another plus is, theyre made here in wisconsin!

and dont ask what my favorite flavor is, i like them all. (no, im not just saying that!!). but if i was on a stranded on an island and could only pick one supernola, i would pick: triple berry vanillla 😉

since everyone wants to eat what im eating, you can find supernola at many local stores such as festival foods, outpost and sendiks. check here to see the store locator to get your hands on these yummy and healthy clusters.

well, off i go to eat more supernola because i cant stop!

xoxo kelsey