5 things ive tried during quarantine

i asked, you answered. here is some of the weird stuff ive tried over the past monthish.

okay – i have to say though, i didnt try anything REALLY CRAZY like deep fired cockroaches or jumping off a 500 foot cliff.

ANYWAYS, i feel like since i had a lot of time, i would try new things that one, ive either been wanting to try for a while now or two, i saw something else doing it and im like “yup, im going to try that”. and why not try new things when there is literally nothing else to do. sooo i did! here are a few things i dabbled in:


yes i realize that everyone is doing this trend but hey! i wanted to try too so i did. i am more than sure youve seen how to make this and are probs drinking one right now BUT i got my recipe from: organically becca. as i read her post about it, i realized i had to try. i then thought “ick, instant coffee is gross”. but as i read on, she said she used mushroom coffee and i knew this was my chance to try it myself. i have always heard that mushroom coffee is good for you but i was always worried of it tasting earthy or literally like mushrooms. so i went on amazon and ordered this stuff. and i love it!! it a strong flavor and i know youre wondering, there isnt a mushroom flavor. what i would suggest doing is only using ONE coffee packet, thats how flavorful they are.


dermaaaa whattttttt? what is that? its when you take a little facial razor and glide it over (AKA shave) your face to remove dead skin but also exfoliates it and helps with application of make up. BUT its to overall have smoother skin. ive been wanting to try this for the longest time, well professionally but again, i have all the time in the world now so i figured i would watch a couple videos and i would know what to do! the person who i turned to was celeste thomas, in this IG post, she shows you whathca gotta do! i honestly thought this was going to be a lot more involved but nope! her video is simple & easy to follow. i ended up buying these razors off of amazon and they work perfect. my skin was so soft afterwards and for a few days after. and NO your hair on your face doesnt grow back thicker and darker. TMI but i do have upper lip hair and its been a week now and i havent seen a hair come back like i thought i wouldve. i cant speak on how its like to apply makeup after dermaplaning because i dont wear makeup so dont hate me for that! i will say though that the overall feel and look of my skin has changed.


another derma? YUP! this one is a little different than the razor above. this tool if you will, is pretty much what it sounds like. its a roller and on the roller on small little needles that put little holes in your skin and yes, they will heal. what does that mean for your skin? it means that when you roll your face, it sends a “distressed” signal to your face, telling your face it needs to heal. i got my “how to” from organically becca. this is her blog post on the who, what, where and when to roll your face. this process does hurt. okay not, a lot a lot but you are pushing small needles into your face. here is the roller i got, they make different sizes of needle but this size is suggested if youre just starting out. overall, i havent really noticed a HUGE difference in my skin since using this but again, ive only done it twice. i have read a lot that you should have a really good moisturizer after you get roll since your skin is open and more absorbent, i use high antioxidant night repair treatment & it works wonders! (i also sell LBRI sooo if you need new skincare, let a girl now!).

this is what your face looks like afterwards…it sort of feels like sunburn but goes away within an hour….sorry for the mad face!
this is after 3 months of combined rolling and planing – left to right: march, april and mid may


but really. ive been antiperspirant free for about a month? annnnnd its been hard. i mean sweaty and stinky. i did a lot of reading on how bad it is to use antiperspirant so i thought, hey why not! ive been drinking mushroom coffee and shaving my face, why not try this. okay, i will say that i did this because nick tried and he said it was fine and it really wasnt that bad so im like “yup – got this!”. and now i am not totally sold on it. i think im sweating just talking about it right now. thank god i have a black shirt on. ugh i hate to admit this buttttt i had a horrible sweating problem in middle school to the point that i only wore black because of it. and now, i feel like im back in middle school and have to ~worry~ about what i wear because ill sweat. and it doesnt stop there. there is stink. you will stink. and your clothes will stink. and your new middle name will be stink. you dont stink at first but once the weeks go on, you do! i have read that it does stop and that things do get better but that is sort of hard for me to believe. one of the mail reasons why im sticking it out is because, its not normal for our bodies not to sweat. what i mean is, with us putting antiperspirant on, we are not allowing our bodies to sweat which means we arent letting our bodies flush out toxins. since we arent flushing out toxins in our sweat, theyre just being pushed back into the body. GROSS! ANDDDDD when you shave your pits, if you do, you create little holes on the skin and when you put antiperspirant on, youre only pushing it deeper into your pits & making it even harder for your body to flush toxins. you guessed it, science class is over lol. i have experimented with two different deodorants. i also read that you should switch up your deodorants so your body doesnt become used to just the one and it stops working. the first one i tired was, schmidts lavender and sage. i like it, it smells really good but i found it didnt work as well as i thought it wouldve. again, it was the first one i used and when you first start, your body goes whacky and needs time to detox so maybe i will try this one again. the one im using now and really enjoying is doterras balance. ugh it smells so good and i feel like it works really hard at keeping me dry! i mean, this stuff isnt bullet proof but does do a good job! my heath guru friend, paige said that native brand works really well too! so that will be my next try.


okay okay, i cannot wait all the credit for this. my bff since 5th grade, ceci came to me a couple of weeks ago and said she wanted to do zoom chat or something that was recorded and we could ask each other a couple of questions and thats it. well, i cant really remember how it all started but somehow we were like LETS JUST MAKE A PODCAST!!! because why the fuck not! i have to admit, we really had no idea what we are doing, we dont have an intro song, or a fancy mic or an outline of how things were going to go or anything of that. we pretty much just said “lets do this”. all we did was download a podcast recording app, used a picture of us from 5th grade as our “cover” and BOOM we had a podcast. oh, the name was totally ceci…she went to goodwill and found a shirt that said “unbothered” and right there, she was named! ceci & kelsey : unbothered. each podcast will have a theme and from there, we will write one another questions and then ask them to each other. we pretty much cannot be bothered, by anything… and if we are, well talk about it. our goal is to bring laughs, positivity and real conversation back. we recorded our first episode this past weekend and cannot wait to do more. we have already made a list of what we want to change/improve…which is a lot because duh, we had no idea what we were doing. ANYWAYS, if youre interested in our first attempt of our podcast you can FIND IT HERE. and when you listen, because i know you will…let us know how you like it!

yes, that is us in 5th grade!

well, thats all i got! i hope everyone is staying safe and positive out there ❤

as always, if you try any of these, let me know!

xoxo kelsey

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