tips on achieving your goals:


like ive said before, i only made one goal this year. i bet youre thinking: “kelsey, wtf? how do you only make one goal?”. well, yeah. i only made one. but now as i am growing within that one goal, i realized i have been making little goals within the big one.

i want to share how i set goals and what i think, are the best ways to achieve those goals:

  • WRITE DOWN THE QUESTIONS YOU HAVE ABOUT YOUR GOALS: this is key. i never did this and i would spend more time over-thinking and wondering how i would achieve a goal. i started to write down the questions i have about my goal and it made me feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. by having those written down, i felt as if my goal was more achievable. the questions and worry were off my mind and i was able to look at each question and try to figure out the solution.
  • GOALS CAN CHANGE: i mean, i had one goal and now i have many goals but theyre little ones that play off the overall goal i have. even if you set five goals for yourself and one of those doesnt seem to really “make sense” anymore, change it so align with what you want to doing this, you arent wasting time thinking about how youre going to achieve something that you have no interest or passion in doing therefore, bring down your stronger goals.
  • MAKE A PLAN: if you dont make a plan, how will you grow? how will you know if you accomplished a goal? how will you know if you need to change a goal/make a modification? you wont know. youll just make excuses. youll make excuses as to why you goal(s) arent being achieved. youll make excuse of “well i dont see anything changing and im doing all i can or all i know how”. but are you doing all you can? are you looking at different ways to surpass your goal? with having a plan, youre able to see what needs improvement and where. i recently just did this, i printed off calendars for the next two months and wrote down what i need to get done when and what im going to focus on every single day.
  • STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE: trust me here. i know i know, you always want to be in your comfort zone because helllloooo its comfy! but if i have learned anything from blogging…just in this year alone, its you need to try new things, i talk about this ALL THE TIME. you need to try new things that are going to help you in reaching your goal(s). and i can tell you since i have stepped out of my comfort zone, i can feel achievement, change and reassurance that i can reach my goal! yes, the only one goal i have lol. do what you need to do to reach that goal!!
  • LISTEN TO YOURSELF: make sure when setting your goal(s), youre setting a goal(s) for something that you really want, something you can almost taste! my goal was to focus on my blog and from there i have created the small goals. i really want my blog to be successful and i want to be a place people visit and get excited when a new post comes out. i literally have this vision because i keep telling myself “you want this”, you want to be your own boss”. and if i didnt listen to myself, if i didnt listen to my thoughts or listen as to why i want to do those things, i wouldnt be so hungry to achieve what it is i want to achieve.

i also hope you know, you can set goals whenever. there is not rule that you have to set ALL your goals on january 1st. theres no rules if your goals are easy one or challenging ones. theres no rules when it comes to how long it take to reach your goals. follow the steps above and let those motivate you to reach your goal(s).

xoxo kelsey

pictures by: arissa



location: antiques of pierce

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