simple and cute porch tips:

its finally spring! well, anything over 40 is considered spring here in wisconsin!

ive been waiting to focus more on decorating because i want to show you guys my ideas & inspire you to create a space that youll love too.

i have a thing for cute porches, come on guys… i know im not alone here. well, last year was the first time ive ever had my own porch so “i played it safe” and only had a few chairs, a table and lantern. i did have flowers, but i dont want to bore you with the non-ending stories of the squirrels. they arent cute, theyre evil. my flowers were their playground! and yes, i tried it all. i even tried sprinkling cayenne ALL over and nope, they enjoyed it. *ive been eye rolling this whole time*.

now my porch is not very big. so i found it be to semi of a challenge. like how many are too many pillows? do they make outside rugs small enough to fit the space? Will those stupid squirrels ruin these super cool candle lanterns i bought?

i was concerned about spending “too much” on making my small porch look pretty but i was that person, and watched for target to come out with a sale on outdoor stuff. well last week, the stars were aligned and it happened! I was able to get a rug, two pillows, two lanterns and a vase for $119. NOW that is still a lot for me but i was okay with spending that much because we do spend a lot of time out there in spring and summer, so its fiiiiiiine.

i also kind of went the lazy route and only went to target for my patio needs but im not even mad about it because target is my second home . i guess the reason why i didnt check out other stores is because i told myself to make my patio different than the rest of my house, different than any other design I’ve done before, so i did just that, at target. all at target.


i have put together a few of my tips for getting that porch feel youve always wanted:

  • dont be afraid to try something different, i did and LOVE it.
  • wait for a sale, it doesnt make sense to pay full price for something because they are going to put it on sale. its just up to you to watch out for the sale.
  • dont work yourself up if you cant afford EVERYTHING you want, the porch isnt leaving! save your money, thrift, try a different store until you get what youve been looking for.
  • dont let the size of your porch freak you out, like i said – mine is small and i made it work. take the size as a challenge rather than a let down.
  • plant flowers/plans you normally wouldnt. i love doing this. i love being creative and paring different flowers with one another in the same pot.
  • invite your friends over and show them! i love having people over so this is a must for me! okay, this wont make you have the porch youve always wanted but who doesnt like friends? food? or drinks?

okay, i am off to sit on my porch and dream of a squirrel free spring & summer!



photos by the AMAZING arissa:



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