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photo credit : arissa

hey peeps, its me…remember?

yeah i know, i do this all the time to you. i say how long ive been gone and then promise to come back sooner than later than i never do.

i get it, im not your favorite blogger anymore, well i know thats a lie because once you are hooked on my blog, you never can leave it 🙂 (its a proven fact).

as i explained in my instagram post a few weeks ago, i havent felt creative and that is something that is SO unlike me (another proven fact). i dont know what is it. i dont get how i can be creative one week but then not another? im sure theres a million articles about this but lets keep it simple and just say we dont know, deal? with that being said, i have put off writing blog posts, put off cooking and even put off trying to think of creative ideas to come up with. UGH what a draaaaaag.

so where am i going with this? i feel like i become so uncreative because im so worried/focused on what path i should be on in my life. this isnt my first time writing about this either, i wrote about it pretty much this same thing back in october and i guess i still have no idea what im doing **insert nervous laugh here**. the reason why i am bringing it up again is because i find myself getting so wrapped up in what i should do with my life rather than not focusing on the good im doing now or how far i have come.

photo credit: arissa

i have a lot of dreams but one of them is to have this blog becoming bigger than i could ever imagine. i would be on cloud 9 if i could make this blog more than just a hobby but make it my job, while still having fun with it, of course. i dream of interacting with more people, i would love to inspire others more too. i would love to give trips & tricks to other people who are in the same boat as me. bbbbbbbbut then this stupid little world IS ALWAYS popping into my head – how?

how do i do that?

how do i get where i want to go?

how do i figure this out without paying hundreds of dollars from a program?

how do i get people to think im interesting? ( trick question, i know you all think im the most interesting person ever).

how do i not loose my voice in a crowd of people?

how do i create content that is different than the rest?

how do i know loose hope, creativity or myself in the mix of other people.

i wish i had the answer to all of that, but i dont…i know, im sorry! i wish someone could hold my hand and tell me how things should be done but then that wouldnt be any fun lol.

i know success doesnt come over night, i understand that. but wanting something so bad and it not happening RIGHT AWAY is a harsh reality. yes i know, everything takes time and you have to work hard for what you want.

my advice is, to never give up regardless of the goal.

photo credit: arissa

ive only started my blog less than a year ago and i personally feel like ive grown so much. others might not see it which im totally okay with. some of my favorite bloggers said they started off their blogs just for fun and with time, its gotten them to the place they are now. that is something that has always stuck in my head. just because you start off slow or are doing something because it brings you joy doesnt mean it cannot become something so much more.

dont let others make you loose sight of your goals, dont let yourself loose sight either.

photo credit: arissa

goals are are fully in your control and dont forget that. dont worry so much about achieving your goal(s) over night because that probs wont happen but focus more on achieving your goal(s) in a way you know you can & that will make you proud. goals come in all shapes and sizes and if you want to achieve them, i say do it! i say do all you can to make your dreams come true. google anything that you need or want to know about your goal, listen to podcasts, read that book or reach out to someone and ask for advice.

goals are what you make them and if youre anything like me, youll do anything to achieve them!

xoxo kelsey

photo credit: arissa

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