eat some supernola!

let me tell you some truth, i dont always look like i do in all my blog posts or on my instagram. its kind of rare that i put on a nice, thought out outfit and do my hair. 95% of the time, youll find me in workout clothes with a messy bun. over the years, i have learned to not get upset over not looking put together, i rather worry about how im taking care of my body than worry about my hair looking perfect.

so if you find me with messy hair & workout clothes on, then you can safely assume i just finished working out. and if i just finished working out then that means im hungry.

but im always hungry soooooo working out would just make me that much more hungry? yeah, sounds about right.

both working out and eating healthy are important to me. i think its only right to treat your body with respect which means fueling it with a good work out and healthy, meaningful food.

and if you know me, i love local food. i love food that is made from the good stuff! i try my best to eat organically but that doesnt always work out which is okay, but when i find food that is organic, healthy & local, i become hooked!!

i have recently partnered with supernola. okay kelsey, what is that? well its the best chewy clusters of thoughtfully selected superfoods, nuts seeds and spices that i have ever tasted! andddddd im not just saying that. the taste is so fresh and they full of texture, its not like eating one of those super crunchy granola bars who claim to be health.

supernola is perfect for a mid-morning snack or after you get done doing a hour long HITT at shred415! or any workout for that matter. supernola is everything im a looking for in a snack. all their clusters are organic along with dairy, grain, gluten, soy and refined sugar free. they are also non-GMO and paleo. i love that i am able to just grab and go with these, i dont have to worry about “packing a snack” or “ill just wait until i get home to eat”. supernola makes snacking on the go so much easier. the clusters are packed with so many different flavors that come from superfoods, tree nuts, seeds and spices. its refreshing to have snacks that are healthy and not full of fillers. and another plus is, theyre made here in wisconsin!

and dont ask what my favorite flavor is, i like them all. (no, im not just saying that!!). but if i was on a stranded on an island and could only pick one supernola, i would pick: triple berry vanillla 😉

since everyone wants to eat what im eating, you can find supernola at many local stores such as festival foods, outpost and sendiks. check here to see the store locator to get your hands on these yummy and healthy clusters.

well, off i go to eat more supernola because i cant stop!

xoxo kelsey

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