Glen’s Bandanna Co.


little over a month ago, i was with nick in the car and i had this overwhelming feel of potential. at that point, i felt like a piece of trash honestly. i was at a 9-5 job i didnt like, i felt suck there…like i never was going to find a new job (i ended up doing so and i am so happy!). i felt like i wasnt being creative anymore. i literally stop blogging, i stopped just creating in general. i knew i always wanted to start my own business but never knew what it was i wanted to do or make or provide.

and then days later, i was on tiktok and there was a video of a girl, who made dog bandannas and scrunchies and i was like WAITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. i know how to sew, i have a dog, i already had a dog IG page (yes, it was nicks ideas for me start Glen’s Bandanna Co. on glens already made ig) and i have this fricken huge bottle of potential just sitting here WAITING to be opened.

so i planned, and planned and planned. i bought super clearance fabric and started to sew. I bought everything i knew i would need from small sewing needs, to buying packaging to busniess cards to so much fabric because i wanted to make so many different bandannas. BUT my favorite question i get is – “you know how to sew?” yup i do. in high school, i worked for a family friend, juile, who owns one of the best etsy shops around – Tip Top Teepee Shop . at the time though, i was working for her other etsy stop – The Playhouse Kid. and there is something that has really suck with me since i had worked for her. her playhouse are made out of felt and we all know with any fabric, there are going to be leftovers. I remember her one day (yearssssssssssss ago) say: “you need to think of something to make and sell with all my scrap felt”. so every time i wanted to start my own business or do something creative, all i hear is her telling me i need to create something and sell it – and i blame her me starting all of this 😉

anyways, one of the many things on my “get your shit together list” was, texting julie to see if what i wanted to do was a good idea, if she could brush me up on sewing again so i went to her for a little help. and now youre thinking “wait, you have a sewing machine?” nope. no, no, i dont. i mean, juile is the life saver here because next thing i knew, i was walking out her door, carrying a sewing machine (and thank goodness she is letting me borrow that thing, it comes in handy! LOL). as i put the sew machine in my car, i sit down, turn on my car and realized, shit just got real.

glen testing out one of my first bandannas.

at this point, i knew how to make bandannas but i knew i didnt know how to make scrunchies and let me tell you, the internet is a wonderful thing lol. i hate the phrase “fake it until you make it” but literally, i know i said a couple of times to nick “i honestly have no idea what im doing”. and all he said back was “youll get there and youll figure it out”. so i knew that is just want i needed to do, i needed to figure this out on my own. i didnt have anyone really to fall back on but myself. I had to be there for ME. which sounds really empowering and strong – let me tell you, i was scared shitless.

i honestly can say, i cannot remember the last time i was this motivated (wish i was this motivated to workout but….) i wanted to keep learning, i wanted to keep improving my skill, i wanted to challenge myself when it came to branding and finding my voice. i wanted to provide a product that i people wanted to keep coming back for. i would say the challenge i keep running into is, i try and make everyone SO perfect, when owning a business is so much more than that. its about interacting with other, listening to the wants/needs of the pet world and its about having fun. i love what i have started because i get to create and get to share my work with others. plus i love dogs!

fast forward to march 10th, i launched Glen’s Bandanna Co. on esty! yes – the name was very easy to choose, although i was worried that it was only limit me to bandannas but that wasnt the case. i can grow with the name and not have the name define me. the growth and feedback have been amazing, i love every sale i make and i love seeing customers coming back. but lets be honest, we all know that the best part is the dog pics…right? 😉 ( THANK YOU TO EVEYONE WHO HAS SUPPORTED ME – i cant thank everyone enough!!!!!!).

at the point of my launch and weeks leading after, i only wanted to have items that were boho inspired, i wanted things to be beachy, simple and airy. but that only lasted a couple of weeks. i started to realize…i cant limit myself like that. if i want the brand i have been dreaming of, i cant just stick to boho. i needed to rebrand myself, give the people what they wanted! okay, that sounds a little dramatic but seriously! I wanted to rebrand myself to something simpler, yet modern and bold (both the brand and the fabrics). i wanted the feel of Glen’s Bandanna Co. to be simple so that bandannas, scrunchies and their fabrics could stick out.

here i am, almost a month in and i have built up my ig page and have gotten to interact with SO SO SOOOOOO many pet owners, its been amazing, i have gotten more sales than i ever thought was possible in this short amount of time – i have even gotten customers that keep coming back for more.

and seriously all of this is my why.

why i keep pushing myself, why i keep trying new things, why i spend hours and hours working hard so i can see how happy it makes owners and their pups (and cats!)

i think as time goes on, and the weather gets warmer, i want to get out in the community more, meet some pups and their owners… in real life! set up my bandannas and scrunchies and have people actually see my product in person rather than on a screen.

im excited, im happy but i couldnt do it without the support i have gotten and continues to get.

at my new job, i take walks on my lunch and there have been times that i cannot believe how proud i have made myself. i see people reviewing my work, posting pictures of their dogs in MY bandannas and i seriously cannot believe it. i get that whole little pep in my step and just am so overwhelmed with joy.

i want to make big things happen – are you with me?

xoxo kelsey

IG: Glen’s Bandanna Co.

Etsy: Glen’s Bandanna Co.

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