4th of july with Sendik’s

am i the only one who cant believe that its july? i mean WHAT! i think its hard to believe that its july because of all this crazy not summer like weather we have been having. and here i go talking about weather…just be warm and sunny wisconsin so we can talk about something else!

well, i have something else to talk about, and im pretty sure youre going to want to stick around and see what it is.

one of my favorite things to do is plan. i love all the work, details and ideas that go into any sort of plan. i really enjoy planning events, big or small, it doesnt matter as long as i get to be a part of it. since the 4th of july is almost here, i recently partnered with Sendik’s Food Market. what Sendik’s is, is a local, family owned grocery store that has now expanded over the metro milwaukee area. a little fun fact, the first store is on the east side of milwaukee , it all started there in 1926.

what i like about Sendik’s is how easy they make it to get ready for any event. from having pre-cut cheese and fruits to house made chips and salsa, it literally cuts down on so much time. i think can use that time to spend with my family and friends at the events/parties i plan.

with the 4th around the corner, i thought Sendik’s was the perfect place to shop for my 4th of july party musts!

here are some of my musts for a successful party:

  • anything themed for the event. so for this since its the 4th of july = stars & strips oh and you cannot forget the sparklers!
  • chips and salsa
  • fruit
  • veggies
  • cheese
  • taco dip
  • crackers

i love decorating too, okay i love it all! i love planning and decorating. i mean, who doesnt? i went to michael’s and got most of my decor there. some of it though, i just had at home. i love reusing what i already have because it saves you a few extra bucks.

like i said before, Sendik’s makes it SO easy to great ready for guests. i dont think i have ever spend less time on prepping and finishing food. Sendik’s has become my go to for getting ready for pretty much any gathering.

now, i know youre itching to know how i made all these goodies, have no fear i have listed everything i did and used:


this was the easiest of the easiest! Sendik’s makes yummy house made tortilla chips and salsa too. you guys know i love spicy so i went with the medium and it was just right. i wasnt too spicy (i couldve gone a little spicier) but this is perfect for guests because then everyone can enjoy. now i didnt get the house made chips for just the salsa, i got them for…


literally, you can never go wrong with taco dip. now Sendik’s does make their own dip, so if youre that pressed for time, that is always an option! My taco dip was super easy to make.

here is what is needed:

  • 16oz of sour cream ( i used Sendik’s brand)
  • one block of cream cheese, room temp.
  • one packet of taco seasoning
  • a bag of shredded lettuce
  • a bag of cheddar cheese
  • one medium sized tomato
  • green onions
  • a small can of black olives

how to make:

  • make sure that your cream cheese is room temperature. i make sure i set mine out at least an hour before i start making the dip.
  • once cream cheese is room temperature, add to a mixing bowl along with the sour cream and taco seasoning.
  • once mixed, add it evenly to a serving plate
  • chop up the tomato and green onion
  • spread the lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, olives on top of the mix
  • top with green onions

so easy! and of course, i paired it with the Sendik’s chips.


again this was so easy to get together, Sendik’s has cheese cubes that are already cut up. i went to with pepper jack cheese for the white, then cherry tomatoes for the red and then use blueberries for the blue. the cheese bobs, as i call them ,would be easy if you were in need of a dish to pass at a fourth of july party.


these are another easy to put together snack for the 4th. i think these were the easiest of all. Sendik’s has pre-cut watermelon (along with other fruits) and all i did from where was take a star cookie cutter pushed it into the already cut watermelon and made stars. then i used the rest of the blueberries from the cheese bobs and BOOM i had the star sticks.

and just like that…you ready for the fourth of july! if youre anything like me, you love to have snacks that fit in right with the holiday and you also love having food that you know everyone is going love. AND who doesnt like when snacks are quick and easy to get ready? if it wasnt for Sendik’s, i think i would still be there getting ready for the 4th 😉

well, happy 4th everyone! make sure to eat a lot and enjoy your time with friends & family.

xoxo kelsey

pictures by the AMAZING arissa:



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