yeah i workout but


hey party people,

i am currently pumping iron as i type is…just kidding, we all know that i would drop the weight on my computer and i was get mad and probs cry over it.

i have a disclaimer before i go on, i express what i do on here because its what i am feeling, experiencing or thinking. when i am writing about something, i do in hopes of not feeling alone, in hopes of other not feeling alone and to make others reflect on their own thinking.

i think it is safe to say that we follow and live in a world of the latest workouts, clean meals and cheat days. but to me, in some ways, seems very unrealistic.

buttttttttt i am guilty of it, i do follow instagram accounts that are full of workouts, supplements and measuring food. but at the end of the day, yes, i do learn a few things from those women but they also stress me the fuck out! here i sit and think: “how does one get up at the butt crack of dawn, work out, get ready, go to work, coming home make dinner, relax and do it all over again? YES I UNDERSTAND its a lifestyle, its the way THEY choose to live their life and thats 100% okay with me. but its not me.

heres my view of it, how i see things…

we are constantly told we have to eat healthy, we have to drink 500 gallons of water a day and we cannot miss a single day of working out because if we do, then we arent “healthy” or “taking care of ourselves”.

i guess the reason why i become so “upset” over all the accounts i follow or just see passing through instagram, is because that lifestyle doesnt make sense to me. again, how i see it is, there is more to life then all of that stuff. more to life than working out almost everyday, measuring your food and worrying about your weight going up or down a few i said before, its a lifestyle that makes sense to the person doing it but as an outsider looking in, its hard for me to understand.

to take anything away from this rant is, to be healthy. be healthy in a way you find fitting. be healthy in a way thats possible, realistic and appropriate for who you are as a person. if you wanna try a new work out, do it. if you wanna try to eat less meat, do it. if you wanna eat out less, then do it!! (you can always come to me for healthy recipes 🙂 ) you can do anything you put your mind to, its your life! youre in control and you know what is best for you.i guess the overall point i am trying to make here is, we are given this one life. a life that you make your own. yes i work out and yes i eat healthy but i also am not afraid to have five beers and a whole frozen pizza in one sitting. i am not afraid to miss a day or two or even three of working out because LIFE HAPPENS!

its not worth it to beat yourself up over not having a heathy meal for every single meal you had this week, its not worth to beat yourself up over having a drink more than once a week. its not worth it to beat yourself up over not working out for a couple of days, or weeks or months. its not worth beating yourself up over thinking youre not “doing it right” like others around you.

yikes, this is getting long… but i want you to know that i personally have had those feelings of thinking of: “i cannot eat this because ive already ate a lot today” or ” i really should do a workout because i didnt do one yesterday and i ate like shit today” or “i need to chug this water so i can have the recommended eight glasses of water a day”.

its all about doing what is right for YOU. your mindset is everything. if you want to count all the food in all your meals, workout seven days a week and not eat two frozen pizza in one sitting then, do it. but if you want to have a glass of wine or two everyday but still eat healthy and workout four to five times a week, do it. its all about what makes sense in your life.

my goal is to eat my planned meals for lunch, make dinner every single night and work out four to six times a week but guess what. that doesnt happen. because why you ask? life. life happens. we are all going through different things, we are all working different jobs and we all have a different definition of healthy.

now go eat meal prep while eating that frozen pizza and drinking a beer 😉

xoxo kelsey


i recommend the south shore terrance, who doesnt like beer, food and a beer garden?

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