just thinkin’ & drinkin’


HA! i turned two over the weekend, jk it was my nieces bday!

hey party people,

when i first started blogging, i told myself that i would try and blog twice a week. i had HUGE dreams and ideas ((still do) (but hence why i am writing this)). once i started off my blog, i was like “this is easy, who the fuck cares what i write about and what i take pictures of. well, the truth is…i end up caring way to much about what others think of my perspective, ideas and non-professional pictures (nick tries, he really does, lol).

i am allllllways worrying about what i should blog about. why does that idea even run through my head? i shouldnt care if one day i talk about cooking, the next i am talking about a trip i took then the next i am talking about how i struggle with blogging because i worry about everyone else & not what I, MYSELF cares and wants to talk about.

i fall into the trap of seeing all these women with successful blogs, how they get to travel, buy super cute clothes and what not.  i sit here and think “geezzz, i wish i could have their lifes, i wish i could have their following, i wish i could come up with the sweet ideas like they do”. and im not dumb, i know those women work their asses off to get where they are (GIRL POWER) but in the back of my mind i am still worry about the little things like “what should i blog about?” “will anyone like this?” “am i being annoying?” “will people judge me for doing what i am doing?”


after allllll of that, i still sit here and wonder what should my focus be? what should i blog about? should i write my ideas down more? should i interact more with ladies my age to bounce ideas around? should i ask another question?

i guess what i am trying to say it, WHO CARES??! you.are.you.for.a.reason.

youre the only one who knows YOU the best, be nice to yourself too.

dont be afraid to speak your mind, say no and do a face mask at last two a week.

who the fuck cares if you write about something that someone doesnt like? its their problem, not yours.

if you change your focus, your purpose or your ideas when it comes to blogging or even journaling, its totally okay because again, what is right for you, is what is right for you.


yikes, i need to refill my wine glass!


***kelseys #1 drinking tip: “always bring/buy one more than what you think you need”.

^^^youll thank me later.