and i get married in 3 months…

i laugh now when i think about what i thought i wanted when it came to getting married. i always said i wanted a poofy dress, i want a lot of guests and for it to be fancy!

ha. yeahhhhhh. none of that is true…sorry little me.

i also never thought that i would be planning a wedding in 7 months and i never thought it would go as quickly as it has. they say “oh itll go quick” yeah no kidding!! last week marked 3 more months until the big “i do” and i had a thought: “i feel like not a lot of people are getting married in a year or less of becoming engaged, so why not write a blog post on some tips and tricks for anyone who is getting marred?”

so here we are! a mini guide if you will, a little update on wedding planning 🙂

(i think i will do a full on post about more details of planning once i get married – i dont want to give away too much)

well, where do i start? we are now a little less than 3 months out and im telling people i am freaking out but im really not? what needs to get done now is just the little things. such as figuring out the rehearsal dinner time line, the wedding day timeline. and you best believe, i am going to make a complete guide for everyone because thats me!

like i kind of said before, i never thought i would be the one who was going to have to plan a wedding in less than a year but i dont think i would want it any other way. why? because i dont like to sit around and wait, i like things done sooner than later. i get that isnt always the case for everyone but it is for me.

but with such a small timeline – that meant and still means i cant just sit on a thought or a decision because im literally neck to neck with people who probs have been planning their weddings for over a year now.

i am trying to think of advise to give without giving too much detail for now but i feel like a lot of people dont tell you things and when they do, youre like oh…well, i wish i knew that sooner because i need to figure this out in the next two weeks otherwise its going to be rush, not work out or someone else is going to take it from me.

here are couple of things i have learned so far that i feel like i need to share:

  • google! literally google has been my best friend when it comes to all wedding things. from googling “milwaukees best wedding venues” to “what can i do at my wedding that isnt a photobooth?”. literally everything. dont be scared to do so.
  • ask for help! im bad at this – i dont really ask for help but sometimes you need to ask your already married friends, your mom or your soon to be mother in law for help because girl…you dont know it all.
  • THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! for real!! if you think an idea is weird or different its more than likely the best idea ever because no one else you know of has done it before. i will say that, we arent having a cake, we arent having a religious ceremony and we arent having a photobooth. check out my FAVORS part down below 🙂
  • borrow stuff and make stuff! dont be scared to ask people if you can borrow things from them or even from their weddings. i will tell you right now that most of my basement is filled with second hand stuff from a friends wedding. why go and buy new when you can re-purpose something that someone else has? i have made a lot of my stuff such as my save the dates, invites and favors (all below). i also plan on making as much as i can.
  • YOU DONT HAVE TO BUY – RENT! yeah this sounds obvious but i rented a couple of things and yeah i may be out some money but again, i rather purpose something than buy new. this is the website i used to rental – relics rentals . its a great vintage rential shop in mke!
  • DO YOUR RESEARCH! if you dont do this, youre going to be spending a lot of money. all im going to say is, you can find quality people and services for reasonable prices. i say this because i had been looking for a photographer and some photographers are charging SO MUCH MONEY! i mean, an extra $500 for a second photographer, the “low end package” is $2000 and that doesnt include a lot so you pretty much need to buy the add-ons which then youre upwards in the $4000s. so if anything, please do your research because itll help you save $$$ in the long run. **if you need a list of people and services i used…please let me know!!**
  • GET A NOTEBOOK, JUST FOR PLANNING: i am really thinking about creating my own guide for brides to be, but that is all still in the works! anyways – i have a notebook with a folder in it to keep all of my signed contracts in. yes, i know thats old fashioned but i like to have everything right there in case it is needed. in my notebook i write all my plans, ideas and notes when i take to people on the phone about stuff or if im just planning by myself. its just nice to have everything is one place!
  • USE THE KNOT WEBSITE: this website has been more than helpful! this website helps you stay on track with guidelines and timelines. whats nice about the site is, youre able to build your wedding website which holds your registry, wedding details, engagement photos and so much more. whats also nice about the site is, youre able to keep all your contacts in there for your save the dates and invites. you can track your budget and it even carters to where you live when it comes suggests of services such as hair, venues and djs.

and you thought i was done…nope! i have included a couple of things that i thought were GENIUS! and i just had to share. below im showing you what i talked about above but also a couple of other things too!


if youre like me, you love shutterfly but you dont really like their prices, right? right. because we are the same. as i was looking into invites, shutterfly was adding up quick. meaning, JUST for the invites, we were looking at over $100! thats doesnt include rsvp or details cards or anything along those lines. i knew i was smarter than shutterfly. i thought to myself: “can i do these myself?” or “can i get them printed somewhere for cheap?”. well i dont know how or why but i headed over to etsy and realized that i can buy a template, edit it myself, print them off myself and BOOM! (now there are all different packages with a lot more you can print off and what not but i did it simple) all said and done, my invites, rsvps and detail cards were $202 with 3 day shipping and envelopes. if you ask me, thats a deal! another thing i did was get stamps for the return address. i went a little crazy and got two. one that is before getting married and one for after. its just so much easier than writing it out or making labels. plus, i like the detail it gives.

here is what i used to score cheap invites & other stuff:


this sounds obvi right? like of course im going to invite who i want because its my wedding. yes, youre right but i was running into the problem of: “okay i know jim bob jones doesnt have a gf right now, which means hes going to bring someone random which them means im spending all this money on a person i dont know!”. that literally was a problem i was worried about, have randos at my wedding and me having to pay for them. now i cannot take full credit on this, i stole this from my friend erin (shes getting married in april!) BUT i thought it was smart so thanks erin!

set up your rsvp cards to look like this:

the person youre sending this too has no option than what you give them. all you need to do is, fill in, by hand, how many people youre inviting. and then on back of the card, you will give the person or couple a number so when they send it back you know whos card you have. meaning only jim bob jones was invited because i only reserved one seat for him and on the back of his card was a 18. so i know that hes 18 because i have made that his number since there isnt a return address on the rsvps. sorry jim bob. also – arent these GORG!


i wasnt going to share this one but i have been to a lot of wedding and the favors are either awesome and well thought out or theyre like wtffff is this. well, i wanted people to say: “this is totally nick and kelsey!”. and i think i did just that! although coming up with this idea wasnt the easiest, my suggestion is – think of something that you BOTH like. something that you you WANT to share with people. something that YOU, yourself would use. so drum roll please… our favors are…mini whiskey bottles! seagrams 7 baby! tacky? maybe. original? totally. but it was cheap. i feel like favors can get expensive, i mean everyone gets one and if theyre a $1 then that times how many people rsvp. i kept this simple and just bought labels and of course used a beyonce song. all and all, for 150 mini bottles…my total was $135 which isnt bad!

& dont mind this photo – it was a friday night and just a quick action shot!

wow – that was a long post!! ugh i really wanted to share more and give you ALL the details but like i said, its coming once the wedding it over.

i hope you enjoyed 🙂

xoxo kelsey

3 thoughts on “and i get married in 3 months…

  1. Fabulous! Love your posts, always like a glimpse straight into your personality. SO SO SO excited to celebrate with you guys! And, you know what?? You’re going to be a BEAUTIFUL bride!!

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