leftover thanksgiving mashed potato omelet

happy black friday! i am not heading out this year…i used to go out at like 11 pm on thanksgiving night to get the deals but there really isnt that much i need to get. i am also still full from last nights thanksgiving dinner, jk! not full enough to bring you one of my famous (because, you know…im famous) mashed potato omelet with hollandaise sauce recipe!

i know what youre thinking, what? is that even good? um, yes, its SO GOOD! and now youre thinking, hollandaise sauce, yeah right! thats not going to happen. well yes it is, i have a recipe that is so easy yet so good. i know you have left over mashed pototos screaming your name in your fridge right now!! i know mine were this morning. so with that being said, here is my simple left over mashed potato omelet with hollandaise sauce recipe!

here is what youll need for the omelet:

  • about 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes
  • two eggs


whisk your two eggs in a bowl and add a little water, this help with making the eggs fluffy. then i add a little salt and pepper into the whisked eggs.

lightly oil your sauce pan, i use the smallest one i have and pour in your eggs, let them cook a low heat. i was told once that you should never hear your eggs cook.

while your eggs are cooking, warm up your mashed potatoes in the microwave, i would say for about a minute or so. stirring half way through. during this time, i also start to make my hollandaise sauce. the recipe can be found here.

once my eggs have cooked on one side meaning there are hardly any loose egg sitting on the top, flip it. yes, this may get messy – i did spill a little myself.

now spread your heated mashed potatoes on half of your flipped omelet and then flip the other side over. at this point, your omelet is finished!

at this point, this is where i would melt my butter for my hollandaise sauce, whisk it in my already combined egg yolk, spices & lemon juice and microwave the whole sauce to finished it up.

take the finished hollandaise sauce and pour as much as youd like over your omelet.

top with chives if youd like!

i think this might be the shortest, to the point post i have ever written. but i woke up and was like I NEED TO SHARE THIS WITH THE WORLD! so youre welcome, happy friday & happy eating thanksgiving leftovers 🙂

as always – let me know if you make this!



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