mke food: august

here we are AGAIN! yay!

im not three weeks late on this foodie blog, you are. its you 😉

just kidding totally me, lets just say i took some time off? yeah, lets go with that. from what i can remember, august was a good eating month but honestly, all of the months are good eating months.

okay, enough of me talking about nothing and you thinking “you do this every time kelsey, just SHOW ME THE FOOD”.

here we were i ate/drank in august:


if you ever want literally the best asian food in milwuakee, you have to go here. its served as small plates (which you know i love) and small plates are the best because you get to have more than just one thing from the menu. we got their: chicken and cabbage dumplings, egg foo young and kung pao pork. everything was amazing but i have to say, i dont know if i was full or i really didnt like it but the kung pao pork, i wasnt a huge fan of. nick loves it and swears by it but i just wasnt feeling it. another thing is, i wish the egg foo young was a little smaller, that big was huge!

wisconsin state fair:

if you asked everyone who i went with, all they will probs say is “it was so hot, we were all sweaty”. but are you really going to the fair and not sweating?? it is even the fair if youre not sweating? ANYWAYS, my MUST when i go to the fair is cheese curd and the place i always have to go is brad & harrys cheese curds. they. are. the. best. something that i always do at the fair is know where the cheap beer is because you need something to wash the curds down with! another that i always have to get at the fair is milk. now, i do not like milk but i love the flavored milk at the fair. every year i get chocolate and root beer and there is no other way to go. now – i did have a lot more to eat but these were my highlights.


you guys know, ive talked about foxfire before, you can see here and here. but their hot fried chicken sandwich is the best, like the best ever. do i need to say anymore?


some of the best italian food in mke! i love gloriosos for so many reasons. i mean duh, their food is amazing both their deli and their hot sandwiches but is doesnt stop there, they also have a store where you can get a TON of italian staples. my go to sandwich there is their italian beef with mild giardiniera.

boone and crockett:

i just like their old fashioneds, like a lot…i prove it here! this is one of my favorite bars in mke! nick loves their manhattans, if they is what youre into 😉

club garibaldi:

now, there are one of my favorite wings in milwaukee & their cheese fries are like not even a question when you go. their wings are VERY comparable to points east butttttt still not the complete same. when it comes to their wings, they only come in “hot” but theyre not too spicy. i think what mellows them out is because they are grilled.

milwaukee irish fest:

guys…this was my first time EVER! EVER! to irish fest and when i told that to people, they were shocked. well, im not irish sooooo i never had a reason to go. well, i am glad i did! it was fun, a lot bigger than i thought and the food was to die for…oh so where the drinks. you know me, i love whiskey & jameson is my favorite so it was a win all around. i had a reuben and it was amazing. i ate wayyyyy too much of it but didnt regret it one bit! and i dont remember of the place i got my sandwich, im sorry!


the best bar food in milwaukee! i love this place, if youre looking to bar food, this is a must! nick and i quick stopped in here for a drink and a “snack”. and i say “snack” because we got their poutine and OMG!!!! there was so much on the plate but sooo good. i loved it because each bite had a cheese curd and that is not always the case but it is when it comes to camino.

kegles inn:

now, if youre from mke, this place is known for their fish fry and so well that there is always a huge wait to get in. well, nick and i took advantage of their oktoberfest and thought we would try their fish. annnnnnnnnnnd it wasnt good. ugh i hoped it wouldve been the best i ever had but nope. i almost didnt finish my plate because i didnt like it that much. BUT their potato pancakes were very good. i am thinking that the fish wasnt all that because it was a festival and i understand that it can be hard to have food like it would be in the restaurant.

and there we have it! only like three weeks late but IVE BEEN BUSY! i do more than just eat, which i know is hard to believe.

next months might be a little delayed too, im off to germany for two weeks, i cant wait!

xoxo kelsey

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