mke food : july

it wasnt weird to write my food blog once a month because it was only once a month. then a few months ago, i thought i would do one every week and i thought that was weird so here i am…back to the non weird once a month food blogs 🙂

i know youve missed them.

although, since it seems like forever since ive blogged about food, i have forgotten all the places ive eaten this past month. and the only place that is sticking out is when i got ice cream, hmmm i wonder why? (put together the cracked BFF necklaces if you love ice cream too).

enough talking kelsey, TELL US WHERE YOU ATE, okay here ya go:


i got it twice. no, not on the same day…there was a day in between. i only get this when i go to summerfest. i mean why wouldnt you? its a platter of fries, cheese curds and mozzarella sticks. HELLO! i think im going to leave it at that because what else do you need in life?


this was my second time going here and i like it just as much as the first time. what i think i like about it so much is that their drinks are truly a craft cocktail. they take their time to make you their specialty drink and garish them just right. i got their “oops not berrys” which is buffalo trace bourbon, sazerac 6yr rye, crunch beery infused coconut milk, lemon, jolly good fruit pumjc, lazzaroni amaretto bittercube jamaican bitters, mint and a blue whale gummy. lets be honest, i only got the drink because it came with a gummy ;). nick got their beetlejuice which is marker market bourbon, bet infused yzaguirre reserva rojo vermouth, aperol, heirlook alchermes liqueur, bittercube orange bitters. overall, i really enjoyed my drink, it was different (in a good way), refreshing and a little creamy because of the coconut milk.


guyyyyyys, i go here all the time. even ask nick, hes sick of going but i literally could it everyday. ~no shame~. We ended up going because they had a fried chicken sandwich on their weekly menu and you know me, chicken is my favorite food group. the chicken was moist, cruncky and the breading was seasoned just right. and i got “a little bit of both because i got a little asian slaw and their homemade chips with blue cheese dip.


now this is what you call a lobster roll. they have their lobster rolls every friday and normally if we end up here on friday, their sold out. WELLLLL i lucked out when we went because guess what…I GOT ONE!!! BOOYAAA! and let me tell you, it was very fresh, seasoned just right and wasnt sour like i have had in the past. ugh now i want one.


i feel like i should go here more than i do but i dont. i kind of “out of the way” from my house so when i go there, its normally with friends. i had been craving a mushroom swiss burger so that is what i got andddd i wasnt the biggest fan. i get it, theyre suppose to have the best burger in mke but while i was eating it, i just wasnt wanting another bite. we also got their jalapeno cheese balls and holy yummy! i love anything with jalapeno, i love the flavor they give and i also like the spicy they leave although there werent too spicy. we also got their beer battered onion rings and i couldve just eaten the whole basket myself.


all you need to know if that you should get their wings. their wings are one of my favorites in the city! my only advice would be is to get their early because earlier is better since they fill up so quickly! also this time around, we tried their pickle fries and HELLO! just the right amount of pickle with the right amount of breading.


i dont go here nearly enough, its about 2 minutes from my house so that means i should be going there like 3 times a week, right? this night i got their mackinac island fudge which was vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge ripples and chunks of fudge. do i need to say more?


okay, i said i wasnt even hungry at the time of us going here. last time i was here, i got their lobster roll, you can find that here. but this time around, we went with their king crab dinner. yes, at 4pm on a sunday, we got their king crab. #fancy. believe it or not, this was my first time having crab legs and i loved them! i enjoy crab a little more because its a lot more tender than lobster but if it was even lobster, i would eat it too. the crab legs came with fries, coleslaw and of course butter because why would you even eat crab without butter? it was a perfect snack on a sunday afternoon. i hate to call it a snack but it was? lol! but if youre in mke and youre feelin like crab, st pauls is a must!


if i could live here i would. i feel like we go here every one and while and it NEVER dissapoints. check out this post and this post to see what else ive had. this time around i got their funghi, which is mushroom ravioli, sun dried tomatoes in a marsala cream sauce and hoooooooooooooolllllllyyyyy cow. this was just what i was looking for. i personally really like mushrooms and this had that “wild” mushroom flavor while still being light in flavor. each dish comes with a house salad and your choice of dressing. now they do have your standard dressing like ranch and french but let me tell you, you ALWAYS should go with their made fresh daily salad dressing. i have never had the same one twice and theyre also the best! i love how fresh they are and how different their tastes are.


nick and i took a friday off and headed up to green bay to see the packer at training camp. this was my first time and it was okay, i mean we sat in the rain for most of the time and i can only watch the play practice for so long. BUT i did enjoy doing something different and the day off 🙂 we wanted to get lunch and nick suggested we head over to krolls because its a green bay staple. i got “the orginal krolls cheeseburger”, single with “everything on” which meant ketchup, pickles, raw onion and butter. and a side of fries…come one people, you know me!! the cheese burger was a perfect butter burger. i mean who doesnt love a butter burger. another thing that i loved was, their “everything on” is literally what i get a cheeseburger anyways so i felt as if their burger was calling my name from the start.


i got it all and then some! now, this is agiast all of my foodies rules but………….i didnt remember all the places that i got my food from, I KNOW! DISOWN me already. ugh! i was so focused on enjoying my time there and thinking about my soon trip to germany that i didnt take the time i normally do to remember where i had gotten all my food. so here, just look at the pictures and get jealous that you didnt eat what i did 😉

holy cow. july seemed like it flew by but after trying to remember all that i ate and drink, time sort of slowed down.

i hope you found out about some new places from here and youre able to go and try!

see ya soon for another monthly food blog,

xoxo kelsey

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