h2o health hydration oasis: will i go back?

when i was asked if i wanted to partner with h2o health hydration oasis, i said yes without any hesitation. and that is something i never do. i usually pull the ” i need to think about this” or “let me check my calendar” and then go from there.

i guess another reason why i didnt hesitate is because i knew i always wanted to try and iv drip but i never knew where to go or who to trust.

i walked into h2o and was instantly greeted by one of their friendly staff members. i explained i was there to meet with dr. fox and next thing i knew i hear: “is that miss kelsey!?”. i was in love already! from there, dr. fox showed me around her wellness clinic and let me tell you, i felt right at home and i hadnt even started my iv drip yet.

after such a warm welcome, dr. fox walked me around her clinic. she showed me the different places where you can receive your drip, there is the community room (where i went) and then room that are smaller for parents or people how prefer more privacy. next stop was her office. the walls were lined with all her achievements, i mean come on! shes a super women, she is an anesthesiologist! i mean thats the top of the top plus she owns h2o health hydration oasis! BOSS BABE. then she showed me where they mix all their juices and vitamins…yes i dont know all the technical terms lol. but dr. fox told me that all the drips are mixed in house, for your needs. nothing is premixed or prepackaged.

after filling out some info, dr. fox took me into on of rooms where should set up arm up for the iv. now, if youre scared of needles, dont let that discourage you. she put the needle into my arm, with no problems and she said the needle is so small, you cant feel a thing once it is in. she reassured me that it was going to be quick and easy, and it was!

then i made my way into the community room, where the drip was hooked up to my arm. next, they gave me the option of having oxygen and i never had this before so i said i would. they even add lavender to it because hello! i love lavender. once everything was hooked up, i got the change to chat with dr. fox.

here are some the questions i asked along with questions i got from you guys:

  • WHERE IS THIS LOCATED: in the metro milwaukee area, on greenfiled ave, in brookfield. dr. fox did say she would like to have a location closer to downtown. a really awesome thing that she does is, she have a van called “h2o to go”. its a van that is a mobile iv therapy clinic! dr. fox explained they will make house calls, they will be there after a wedding for the wedding party or they will go to festivals around the milwaukee area.
  • HOW WAS IT? i loved it! i was a little scared at first because i didnt know how it would make me feel or what was being put into my body. like i said before, i felt a sense of comfort right away when i walked in and to be honest, i didnt want to leave when i was finished. also, dr. fox and her staff make sure that everything was going as planned and reassured me that everything was going to be okay.
  • HOW DID IT MAKE YOU FEEL? um i felt super amazing! i remember getting into my car and feeling so refreshed and happy. my mood was lifted and i felt so relaxed too. i felt really hydrated too. overall, i felt like a new person!
  • YOU HAD BOTH IV DRIP & OXYGEN? yes. so you get the iv drip that is tallored to your needs. once the iv is set up and they are about to start the drip, they ask if youd like oxygen. i choose to get mine with lavender but you can choose from different scents or have no scent at all.
  • HOW DO YOU KNOW YOURE GETTING THE RIGHT DRIP? dr. fox like i said is amazing. she asks you how your feeling before you start your drip. i told her that i was feeling like i was getting a cold and i had a headache going on. she then told me everything she was going to put in my drip, why she was putting it in there and how its going to help me after my drip ended.
  • I HATE NEEDLES, SO I COULD NEVER DO THIS! trust me, you totally can! the needle that is put into your arm is so small, you cant even feel it. yes, there is a little pinch when the needle first goes in but after that nothing. you cant even feel like removing it. also, they make sure to cover up your arm so you dont have to see the needle in your arm.
  • WHAT IS THE STAFF LIKE? amazing. i will say over and over again, how nice, caring and welcoming they were. dr. fox told me that her staff are medical professionals (RN and LNP ) who work in emergency rooms. and her being an md! she said she wants her staff to have the knowledge and background for anything that might or could happen.
  • WOULD YOU DO IT AGAIN? hands down, 100% yes!

if i told you that i didnt dream about getting drips all the time, that would be a lie! i also kind want dr.fox to be my new bff? too much?

anyways, i would recommend h2o and over again and i cant wait to be back for more! and thank you to dr.fox and her amazing staff for having me and making me feel like a new woman!

xoxo kelsey

H2O HEALTH HYDRATION OASIS: Milwaukee’s first and only custom IV therapy clinic.

phone: 262.277.1018

email: @hydrationoasis.com

website: https://healthhydrationoasis.com/

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