mke eats 5

i get it, you couldnt sleep last night because i didnt post my eats for the past week. BUT WE ARE HERE TODAY!

dont be mad at me, please 😉

since youre probs so tired from not being able to sleep, ill keep this bad boy to the point for you, soooo you dont fall alseep!

here is where i drank/ate last week:

crafty cow:

the main reason why i went here was because i was invited by epicurean chronicles. say what? ec gets local people together to eat, drink and come together a foodies. which i think is awesome. we didnt just eat at crafty cow, there was also triva buttttttt that didnt go as well as it should have. am i the only one who sucks at triva? anyways, we all shared apps which were: shishito peppers, vietnamese brussel sprouts, #poutineofthemonth ( cilantro, Pickled Red Onion, Green Onion, jalapeño, crispy Pork Belly, korean bbq) and loaded buffalo cheese curds. if i had to pick my favorite, i think it would have to be the brussel sprouts. i mean i love brussel sprouts regardless but these had chili lime sauce so they were sweet and spicy (hello, one of the best combos!) and they it was topped with cashews for a nice little crunch. for my meal, i stole a lot of arissas tots because duh. who doesnt like those. and then i ended up getting their dirty swiss burger which is just a mushroom swiss burger topped with caramelized onions. i asked for it extra dirty and the waiter didnt think i was funny…overall the burger was okay. i actually was a little disappointed in the overall flavor. it was a little boring and didnt have much flavor. but i loved being apart of this event and meeting new people along with catching up with others. also, thank you to crafty cow for hosing!

1840 brewing company:

i wish i could say that i have been here before but i havent. and the reason behind it is, nick and i thought for the longest time that it was a private company and we werent “allowed” in. but guess what? you are! we stopped at 1840 when we finished bay view gallery night (which was awesome). the inside of 1840 is awesome, it has an urban farmhouse feel and they have a window wall that opens out to the road and a lot of seating. i got their…i forgot the name of it, I KNOW!!! i suck. the reason why i go it, it because it was made with kombucha.


nick wanted to try their carry our menu for brunch, its kind of like a quick order and go style but as we were walking up, he desired he wanted to sit and stay. this was something that i wasnt upset about because i wanted to sit down and enjoy the whole time lol. i started off my brunch with their, morning blend mamosa which is: prosecco, smirnoff vodka, freshly-squeezed orange juice and frozen mango cube and omggggg i couldve had two of them. they were so refreshing and i loved the fresh frozen mango cubes. for my brunch, i had their italiano benedict and again, i couldve had two of them. it was so sosososooooooo good. sabrosa does change their menu so this was on their special for the week. the benedict had tomato focaccia bread, poached eggs with a dijon hollandaise sauce, sauteed spinach, onions and tomatoes with rosemary potatoes then topped with green onions. i ate the whole thing and didnt turn back!

hacienda beer co

i feel like im not a true foodie, i had NO idea this was coming to mke. the only way i knew was because our friends wanted to go and obvi im going to say yes to beer! first off, i want the insdie of my house to look like in the inside of this bar and two, their beer was pretty good. although i do prefer a pilsner style beer, their beer still pasted my test. i got their does anyone work around here? its a dry hopped unfiltered larger. their beers are on the hoppy side but this one was just enough for me.

egg & flour:

ive had my eye on this place for awhile now and its right across the street from hacienda so i knew this was the right time to go! mke has a new food hall called cross road collective and egg and flour is inside of that. i got their bucatini which is: cream, grana padano cheese and black pepper. and im a sucker for anything with black pepper in it, i might be a little obsessed. when we first got our pasta i thought to myself “wow this isnt a lot”. well, i was totally wrong because it was just enough. the past was fresh, heavy and cooked just right, the sauce was creamy and had just enough spice and pepper in it. we also shared their fresh baked bread. i really wish i wouldve gotten my own because it was so good. the top had garlic salt on it (no it wasnt a gross amount) and then it came with spread that was so good and kind of tasted like bacon? not 100% but SO good.

and there ya have it! another week of food for you guys.

as always, let me know if you try one of these places.

xoxo kelsey

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