mke eats 4

hey babes,

glass + griddle

i think that every weekend should be three days long because why not? i mean, i feel so much more relaxed and rested. plus if we had a three day weekend, that would just give me that much more opportunity to eat more food.


here is where i ate/drank this week:

glass + griddle:

we really didnt have any plans on going here BUT they did do a giveaway on their IG and i won! i mean, why wouldnt i enter a giveaway for all you can drink beer? plus the bucks were playing so we thought it was a perfect idea to obvi take advantage of the giveaway i won + watch the bucks. now, i didnt branch out this time because i got the same thing as i did last time. this time around, again, i got their g+g simple burger. its pretty good, i mean its hard to go wrong with two burgers and cheese. nick and i shared their fries and this time, their yogurt ranch was good. i remember last time i went, it wasnt good but much improvement this time!

cafe corazon:

i had the taste for the chips and salsa so i suggested to get mexi! i have also been wanting corazons mushroom quesadilla. seriously, if you love mushrooms as much as i do, you HAVE to get their mushroom quesadilla. i love that it has corn and avocado in it along with cheese. cannot forget the cheese! anyways, its always a must to get their chips and salad and you also have to get their large guacamole…because who just gets a small quac? no, i didnt a marg, i wasnt feeling one that night (yeah, i dont know whats wrong with me either) but their margs are yummy!

foxfire + hawthorne coffee roasters :

omggggg i have been waiting for the LONGEST time to get their burger. yes, they have a burger. although, they dont have their burger when theyre out in their food truck but when theyre at hawthorne, they have their burger. along with a lot of other goodies you can get from the truck. before i get into the burger, this was first time at hawthorne. this place is pretty cool because they serve coffee and alcohol. so naturally, nick and i got whiskeys and cokes. okay so now back to the burger…its probs one of the best burgers i have had! it was so simple yet so good! it had two patties, cheese, onions and pickles. AND IT COMES WITH FRIES, double sold! ugh so good. so good.

trailer park tavern:

this new bar in bayview has been open for less than a week and this place is pretty cool. we stopped in for a drink over the weekend just to check it out and i really like what they did the space. i am not 100% sure what the space was before but they made everything look nice and fresh! head over there soon 🙂


by far, one of my favorite italian restaurants in milwaukee. i feel like we go here a lot but really its once every couple of months. now, i try and get something new each time i go. this time around we got their fritta which is fresh whole milk mozzarella, marinara and romano. this is just a fancy way of saying deep fried mozzarella cheese. each dish comes with a side salad, i always stick to their house salad and i also #yolo and try their featured salad dressing/ this nights was an artichoke and giardiniera vinaigrette. and it was SO FLIPPIN GOOD. i wanted to take some home, it was that good. for my main dish, i got their parmigiana eggplant. so. good. the eggplant was thick cut, lightly breaded and when it came to the pasta sausage, it was seasoned perfectly. and no, no dessert, i was wayyyyy too full to even think of eating anymore.

okay now i am hungry,

i hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and i hope the rest of your week is awesome!

xoxo kelsey

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