mke eats 3

we back, we back! and um hello… GO BUCKS! FEAR THE DEER!

i can smell a championship win from here 😉

well, its monday which means you get to see where i ate. annnnd now youre picturing me eating, youre welcome.

here is a list of all the places:

south shore terrace:

i love this place but my only complaint i have about it is, its not open on monday or tuesday which means NO BEER! the beer garden/terrace is little over a mile from our house and its worth every step. i mean, duh…youre just talking off what you drink or eat so its a win win. youre full and got your steps in! this time around besides getting a beer, we also got a milwaukee pretzel company soft pretzel with their house made honey mustard & beer cheese. i probably could eat 5 of these. the outside isnt all hard and over cooked, its toasted just perfectly and the inside is so soft and airy. ugh now i want one! nick and i also got their club wrap with fries. the wrap was good, it was lightly toasted on the outside and fresh! i didnt feel like a grease ball once i was finished it.


i have eaten here before and wasnt impressed but i decided i would give it another go this weekend. the bucks were playing, we wanted to head to a sports barwith a million tvs so we ended up here. and even though i gave their food another go, i still wasnt impressed. we started off the big mozz which were mozzarella sticks wrapped in wonton wrappers. i wanted these to be melty, crunchy, light and flavorful and they were not. i mean yeah, they were okay, i ate them but i wasnt left wanting more. for my meal, i played it safe and go their blt and it was just that but with really greasy “toasted” bread. when i picture a blt, i picture the bread being toasted in a toaster and not on the greasy grill. and if we are being real honest, i did down about 6 whiskey and seltzer waters #sorrynotsorry.

even the picture is scary

taco moto:

well nick bought new tires for his bike which meant, he wanted to take it out riding (yes, i wore my helmet) so he suggested we go to boone and crockett and grab a drink. well, nick is notorious for not eating. which is fine in all, but that also means oddly timed snacks/meals which then means a late dinner. but its fine, im the queen of eating dinner at like 830-9. ANYWAYS, taco moto is the taco truck that sits outside of boone and crockett and since nick didnt eat, he suggested we get tacos to hold us over. well me being me, the two grilled chicken thigh tacos turned into a grilled corn cup and with their kwayso lol or just queso. i would have to say, their tacos didnt wow me but the corn and queso did! omg. so. good. i told nick that i would literally just go there for their queso. the seasoning on the chips was just right, and to my surprise, there was guacamole in the middle of the queso. i did not see that coming! and the queso was spiced just right and the consistency was perfect. for the corn, it super yummy too! (i was too busy enjoying the queso to remember details about the corn.

swinin’ door exchange:

i cant believe that we only had to wait 40 minutes to get into here! and i can already hear you say “really kelsey, you waited that long? and how are you about to say only..?”. its because this place is normally poppin off and by that i mean, there is normally an hour to an hour and a half wait. so of course, ill take 40 minutes. i had been itching for a reuben and i knew this place was where i should get one. what i liked about here is, for the sauce, they asked if i wanted 1000 island, horseradish or both. i took both without question because i love other of them a little too much. for my side, i subbed their house made loaded potato soup. i really appreciated that this soup didnt taste just like bacon because that tends to happen in soups like this. but this one was delish! i wish i didnt get so full because i wanted to finish my sandwich but i couldnt…i know, what problems i have!

i hope you guys enjoyed! and i hope you guys go and try one of these places too!

see ya next monday with more food!

xoxo kelsey

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