mke eats 1:


okay, this feels weird. i feel like it should be the end of the month but we are only a week into the month. ugh! i know, i know… im dramatic.

anyway, here i am. grabbing life by the horns and doing my food blog once a week. yup, still kinda of scared like i said in my post last week.

heres whats the plate this week:

classic slice:

okay, its a must to get the awesome breadstix with cheese like its not even a question. but if youre getting take out, i suggest calling a head of time and ordering because then you arent waiting around in the restaurant for your cheese bread. when it come to their pizza by the slice, that is a lot quicker! now their pizza is kind of like NYC style but better! and no, its not milwaukee style but still delish. yes, they have actual pizza but why wouldnt you want a just a huge slice? i mean why wouldnt you want a slice with cheese bread, if you ask me…thats the best combo! i always either go with pepperoni or cheese. the slices are the size of your face so no need for more than once slice…unless you have a really big face!

brew city booch kombucha:

guys, its 2019 and everyone is drinking it! drinking what? kombucha! now if you dont know what kombucha is, go and google it. but trust me, youll love it. but i know youll love brew citys even more! i recently worked with the owners of this local milwaukee brand and i think its safe to say i LOVE their kombucha. now, they are a smaller company but their products flavor is far from small. ive tired a lot of kombucha in my time and i have to admit their kombucha is one of my favs. right now, their main flavors are: ginger turmeric, lemon thyme, jasmine, berry hibiscus and chai. when i was trying them, i told myself “okay, youre going to have to pick your favorite”. well, that wasnt easy because theyre so good, like really good. but if i had to pick one to drink of the rest of my life, i would love to choose the ginger turmeric because i loved the fresh ginger but then the slight bitterness of the turmeric root. for all my mke peeps, you can find brew city booch at: west allis cheese and sausage at both of their locations, downer sendiks, 1840 brewing company, component brewing company, g. groppi food market and celesta. they are also at the south shore farmers market, so i will be getting my fix every saturday come summer!

blue bat:

i have been waiting to go to the place for the longest time! and this past week, i finally had the opportunity to do so. i have recently partnered with SPORTea and because of our partnership, i have a TON of samples to give away (so please let me know if you want some!). BUT the reason why im telling you that is because another local foodie, julie, reached out for a sample and with the tea, i included a note saying we should get dinner. wellllllll julie, arissa (because we cant not go anywhere without one another) and myself went to blue bat. i suggested this place because its been on my list for awhile now. i started off dinner with their traditional margarita which was yummy – nothing wrong with a lime on the rocks marg with a salted rim. then ive been meaning to try street corn so that was a must for an app, lets just say, i couldve eaten the whole thing!! for my meal, i had the shanghai pork belly bowl and hello yum!!! i have had pork belly before but nothing like this style. it was bigger slabs for pork belly which were super tender. i like the sweet and sour touches to this dish too!

purple door ice cream:

i really only have been here a handful of times but each time i do, i love it and i make it a point to try a new flavor too. i saw purple door had come out with a new flavor for 414 day and i knew i had to get there and try it. what flavor you ask? i got their purple moon. ive been trying to figure out how to describe what this tastes like and i would say its kind of like blue moon but better. purple moon wasnt as sweet, had a little crunch in it and was topped with a malted milk ball – who doesnt love those? i will be having this flavor again. it looks like am a flavor repeater now lol.

the mothership:

wait, you havent heard of the mothership? well, its only the best new corner bar in bayview! and im not just saying that. we hit this stop on friday night to check it out and i will be back! why? because pull tabs. you know i love those things and i become hooked when im pullin’. i love what has been dong with the space, the drinks are good and the vibes are chill too. and for all hamm lovers, its $2 hamms all day long!

cafe centraal:

yup, back here again! but this time just for drinks. yes, my weekend did include A LOT of drinking. but hey, #wisconsin right? we stopped here for a quick early afternoon drink before we went golfing and no, im not a golfer lol. but i got a traditional mimosa which you can never go wrong with just like a traditional marg. i literally couldve had four but then i would be on the floor lol. i also had a bloody mary but i wish i wouldve gotten a different one. i ended up getting the traditional bloody and guess what? NO CHEESE OR MEAT! so next time, i will have to get the the milwaukeean. but a bloody is a bloody and even though it didnt have cheese or meat in mine, i still enjoyed it!

city lights brewing:

we thought biking around and getting beers was a great idea until nicks tire popped and we were stuck. well not really because were we steps away from city lights but still, we had to uber home and then pick up this bike. anyways, this was my first time going here and i loved it! they have a huge outside area and the inside was cute! i loved all the brick and the exposed ceilings. since this was my first time here, i was that person who had to try all their beers to figure out what i liked. for both rounds, i went with the burt wheat rose and it was soooo good. i liked it because it was light and was a little fruity. i also liked it because it wasnt sweet, it had a little tartness to it.

and we made it! i hope you enjoyed and i hope you can get out and try some of these places!

have a good week & see you next monday 🙂

xoxo kelsey

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