kup of:breaded fish tacos

and im back with recipes! i know its been a long time but ive been working on a lot of other things. but dont worry, one of those other things are…wait for it…

I AM TEACHING MYSELF HOW TO CREATE MY OWN RECIPES. i am pretty much rachel ray up in here. all jokes aside, its been challenging because im that person who gets mad when food doesnt turn out.

now, i am almost embarrassed about this recipe because, its so easy. like easy easy. i dont know why i didnt think of this sooner but i thought of it now and thats what matters.

i came up with the best breading for fish (really chicken too) tacos.


  • about 1/2 pound of tilapia, cod or a thin white fish *
  • 1 taco seasoning packet
  • 1/3 cup of sour cream
  • 2 cups panko
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • *i normally use tilapia and i make sure its thin. this time around i used cod and didnt like it as much. but up to your taste buds!


  • pat off fish to remove all extra moisture.
  • place panko on the plate for breading, set aside until ready to use
  • mix together the taco seasoning and the sour cream. stir until combined.
  • pour oil into a tan and let it warm up on medium-low heat. i stick with a lower heat because then im not burning the breading on the fish.
  • take the sour cream mixture and coat all sides of the fish. i make sure i am layering it on semi thick.
  • coat the fish with panko.
  • repeat until all the fish is covered with panko.
  • check to see if the oil is hot, i always throw a panko crumb or two in the oil and if sizzles, its ready.
  • place the breaded fish into the pan and cook each side for 5-7 minutes. (thinner cut of fish will require less time) The internal temperature should be 145.
  • ****if your fish is thicker cut, i would reduce heat so the breading doesnt burn.
  • ****also less flipping is best because more flipping means breading can become loose and fall off the fish.
  • remove from heat, pat off extra oil, cut and add to your tacos!

now i want fish tacos! and i feel like making tacos look pretty isnt my thing? like i know i can dress up a bowl of mac and cheese like no ones business but tacos…that is something i need to work on. accepting taco plating lesssons by anyone 😉

as always, please let me know if you make these!

enjoy babes

xoxo kelsey

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