oh sh!t, its sunday! 5 tips for a planned week ahead

happy sunday everyone!

yes, i know…its been awhile since ive done an oh sh!t butttttttt we are here and its happening.

i know you know this feeling: you wake up sunday and youre like: “okay, yeah, its still early, its still the weekend, i got this.” then the day goes on and youre like: “oh, sh!t, its sunday that means tomorrow is monday and now im freaking out a bit because i have nothing ready and i just love the weekend and im not ready for the week”.

that literally is almost always me, every sunday. but i have learned a few ways to help relieve the sheer panic of those sunday feelings. here is a list of things i do every sunday to help me not freak out as much on sundays and to make my week go by like no ones business!

plan your lunches for the week:

  • i hear it alllll the time at work: “how do you eat the same thing every single day for lunch?”. well, its easy…i make sure i plan out what it is im going to make. its not like im not going to make something gross.(its happened before and i did freak out because i had to come up with quick lunches for the week) BUT i plan out what im making and make sure its something thatll be good and something i am willing to eat for the whole week. i also make sure i have enough heathy snack ready for the week too like hard boiled eggs, apples and carrots with celery.
this week is chicken, sweet potatoes, mozzarella cheese with buffalo and ranch.

plan your dinners for the week:

  • yes, i am that crazy and plan out my dinners for every.single.day.of.the.week. and please do not tell me you dont have time. if you have enough time to come up with excuses as to why you cant do this, then you have enough time to plan out your meals. i will admit though, life does happen & i dont always make everything i plan on making and thats okay! but planning out your dinners shouldnt be hard! my secret is, going on pinterest, saving dinners that im making for the week on this pinterest board. from there i add what i need to my shopping list and BOOM! all planned out the week. this leaves no room for panic when it comes to what youre going to make for dinner. by doing this, you will have more time during the week to do things you want to do rather than worrying about what is for dinner and having all the ingredients.

clean up your space:

  • i spent almost two hours cleaning up my house today. so yes, i actually do this stuff! i always tend to “slack” on cleaning up during the week so i normally use sundays for that. i know, the last thing you want to do on the weekend is clean. but cleaning now, will help relieve your stress during the week. you wont be sitting there thinking: “i really should clean this but i dont want to” and then worry about it for the rest of the week. if your put your stuff away and clean up on sunday then that leaves the rest of the week open to opportunity to do other things rather than cleaning or putting away all your clean laundry. so go and put away those four pairs of shoes laying in your kitchen, fold all those pants and shirts you have laying on the floor, do those dishes and clean out your pantry that youve been talking about for weeks now! (let me know if you find anything good lol).

check your calendar & update:

  • i am slowly making the switch from a planner to using google calendar. ive always been a visual person and ive always enjoyed psychically writing down what i have going on, making it look pretty and going back and looking at what i accomplished. yes i still make “do to lists” but i have now more than every used google calendar. i like it because one, i can write down EVERYTHING i need to know about the event or place im headed to, i dont have to flip through my planner or quickly google something. another thing i like is that you dont have to lug around a planner also youre able to check right away if you have something going on and not double plan anything!


  • yes, you should reflect on sundays. i mean you should reflect all the time but i alway use sundays as a day to set the mood for the week ahead, i think about my goals for the week, what can i do next week that i didnt do last or how can i improve a situation that happened last week. i am sloooooowly learning that sundays arent THAT bad, its more about your mindset that anything. if you tell yourself that its going to be shitty and your week is going to suck then guess what, its going to suck! but if you use your sunday as a positive, you can gain motivation for the week ahead. use my little tips to help you be ready for the week so it “doesnt suck”. again, use reflection as a good thing here, use it for YOU. have a positive mindset and know youre able to do ANYTHING you put your mind to.

hope these tips can help, even if its just a little bit 🙂

and there we have it! five ways to make your sunday & your week go well! BTW – you do have to follow all my tips because i said so! just kidding :). if anything, try one. try the one that you normally would never do and see how much it can change your mindset and/or lifestyle for your sunday and your week.

have a good week!

xoxo kelsey

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