oh sh!t, its sunday. invite a friend over.

welcome to another, oh sh!t, its sunday!

i realized that last week, i wanted to write a post but it just didnt happened so here i am this week 🙂

i think its important to hang out with your friends, to make time for them. with that being said, i think it shouldnt just be on the weekends. we shouldnt save all the “fun” for the friday night to sunday night. i have learned that having friends over, going out with friends or going to a friends house helps for a better week.

i know some of you are thinking: “how do you have time to work, work out AND hang out with your friends? i barley have time to cook dinner”. i will let you know right now…you. do. have. time.

its up to you how much time you have.

trust me, i always feel like im in a rush, i feel like i never have enough time but recently, i have told myself that i DO have time and i NEED to make the time for others. in turn, i am making time for myself here because i am able to relax with friends and enjoy life in the moment.

so if you need a reminder, here it is: make the time for friends, dont wait for the weekend. slow down, relax for a night and host a friend, have them host you or go out. MAKE THE TIME FOR BOTH OF YOU.

this really wasnt something i did until i was out of college. i blame my friend lizzie. i love her to death and shes one of the main people who has brought me out of that shell of “not having enough time” or “ughhhh i will just hang out with them on the weekend”. her and i have pretty much do a lot of our hanging out during the week and its something i always look forward to doing. thanks girl!!

one of my favorite things to do with friends is invite them over and cook them dinner. yes. this is your invite to come to my house for dinner. i loooooovvvveeee cooking. not that you didnt know that already….

two weeks ago now, my blog bestie arissa came over and yes, i cooked her dinner! i loved it because like i said, it broke up my week, we had girl talk, we shared drinks together, we shared dinner but most importantly took a break from our busy lives and just relaxed. aaaaaand you cant go wrong when your friend brings four different slices of pie for dessert. the pies were from honeypie! theyre for sure a 10/10.

since its sunday, i challenge you to connect with a friend, even if its just a simple text or call, make plans , cook them dinner, have them cook you dinner. use your friends as a positive in your week, in your life. regardless of how busy you think you are, you should always make time for others. friends are an important part of life. friends should lift you up when youre feeling down, they should make you laugh and make you forget about all your worries.

dont let this sunday bring down your week or your friends week, meaning reach out to a friend or two or five. make plans. meet for a drink, for dinner. go get coffee, go to local shops and go shopping. call them to say hi. text them funny pictures of the two of you. DO SOMETHING! make time for your friends, i promise, you wont regret it 🙂

xoxo kelsey

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