blogger power

hello all you beautiful people!

like ive said like four million times, the only goal i made this year was to focus on my blog. and i think i have been pretty good at it. i mean, we are only what? three weeks in now? STAYING STRONG! i also redid our spare room and turned it into an office and i thought to myself: “this is where i will go to write, to get away for a little bit so i can focus”. nope. here i am, in the kitchen, listening to the milwaukee bucks game and waiting for dinner to finish. sooooome things are still in the works 😉 overall, id say my goal is going pretty good 😉

i think one of my favorite things about working at this goal is meeting new people. i love seeing other peoples work, i love seeing the different styles, the different topics and the way others set up their pictures.

i really like discovering women who are doing the same thing as me. i find comfort in knowing im not alone in this. its refreshing to see that youre not the only one who is working towards a goal, youre not alone when it comes to trying to better yourself and by putting yourself out there for others to read.

with that being said, the women i come across are nothing but nice, encouraging and inspiring.

and that has taught me a lot and no, i didnt just realize all this in past couple of weeks of blogging but its taught me we should stand together.

as women, as bloggers, as creators.

we shouldnt sit here and bash one another, we shouldnt sit here and compare ourselves to other people becasue we are all are our own person. why should you compare yourself to someone when you the only person in the world that is like you. trust me, its taken me a looooong time to not compare myself to the other women i was following or reading about.

youre doing the best you can, you should hold yourself up to your own standard. set your standard high.

we should support each other, not follow a person because “i hate them so much and i cannot unfollow them”, or “i hope this person fails because their content sucks” or better yet: “i only follow a person to see how shitty their life is”. we should encourage growth, we should show others how much we enjoy their content and what theyre doing, we should ask for advise and give advise that way each person is able to flourish and shine.

regardless if youre a blogger or not, make a point to be kind, nice and supportive. tell people that you like what theyre rocking, tell people you like them as a person and tell people that they can do anything they put their mind to.

well, thats all i got for now.

you all rock my socks – encouraging, right? 🙂

xoxo kelsey

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