oh sh!t, its sunday!

happy sunday!

i told myself that one of my goals for 2019 was to put more time/effort into my blog. and lets be honest, that was the only goal i made lol. with it being my only goal, i have been thinking about what i can do to make my blog better, to make it mean more to the people who read it.

so here we are!

i like sharing my insight on how i feel about things, i like to share my experiences in life with others. tell them what they can do to fix a situation or give them tips on the over all topic.

which means………………….

i came up with “oh sh!t, its sunday!” because unless youre a beyonce, i know you have that “oh shit” feeling on sundays. so what i wanted to start is: blog posts on sundays to help relieve some of those “sunday blues”. what i plan on doing is, taking something from the week and write about it. MIND BLOWING, i know.

so here we go, as always enjoy!

i think we can all agree, this wisconsin winter isnt like most. well, here in milwaukee, it hasnt been “normal”. why do i say that? because yesterday it was 55! so what did nick and i do? took glen on a four mile walk on the lake front. if youre in the milwaukee area, i suggest walking south shore park! its sooooo pretty and it makes you feel like youre upnorth. well, almost.

now youre thinking, cool you took a four mile walk with you dog, so what?

during my walk, i realized i had forgotten what the outdoors does for the body. throughout the whole walk, i kept having flash backs to summer. i love summers in milwaukee because there is SO much to do, outside. but once winter hits, there is little to nothing to do outside here.

i think its important to get outside as much as we can during any time of the year. let me tell you, its been 24 hours since my walk and i still feel refreshed. i feel less fuzzy, less itching to do something even though it seems like i can never fill the void but yesterday did the trick.

i normally wouldnt have gone out for a long ass walk in the middle of january, i normally wouldnt have even wanted to leave the house and i normally wouldnt have been so inspired over a single walk but i was. it was because of the fact i did something new, something i havent really done before. (yes ive taken long walks before but never like the one i took yesterday) because of those feelings, it drove me to keep walking, drove me to feel creative and drove me to take about 100,000 pictures. it drove me to want to share what i was feeling yesterday.

regardless of where or when, i challenge you to push yourself, do things to clear your mind and to bring energy back into your life. this can be something as simple as just going outside and going around the block to something youve been wanting to do for the longest time. like trying barre or trying that recipe youve been wanted to make. dont think to hard here people! i mean come on, i look a long walk in january and i feel like a new person!! dont get all twisted up in the: “new year, new me”. yes, it is a new year but youre are still you. you are still you who is always improving, growing and changing who you are daily. its important to push your limits, to do little things to improve your mood, your life and your wellbeing.

if you are slow to work up the courage to try something or are holding back on doing things that makes you happy or feeling refreshed, this is your wake up call! get out there and do something for YOU! go for that long walk and clear your mind. go make my chicken nuggets or my enchilada chili that youve been “meaning to get to”. call your friend and have dinner with them. or better, creep on your blog friend…see what antique stores shes at in milwaukee, run into her and agree on cooking dinner together soon and both blog about it 🙂

***sunday remember: do something for YOU this week. something thats new or different so youre able to feel refreshed and motivated!

happy sunday night and have a good week!



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