10 facts about kupofkelsey

one of my goals for 2019 is to focus more on this blog. i feel like 2018 was just a starting year for me and i havent really taken the “jump” to make my blog truly what i want it to become. ( remember from my last post…im trying to be a famous blogger here).

……..waiting to become famous………

i know that some may read this and know who i am and thats great, hi again! but others might not know me as well as some. thats why i wanted to have a post, introducing myself. i get it, i could be here all day but i figured i would give you 10 facts about myself.

when i started my blog, i never really did an introduction post. i just did a simple: “hey im kelsey, i live in bayview and i like where i live”.


so here i go, 10 facts about me. i dont have to tell you to enjoy because i know you will ๐Ÿ˜‰

#1: i worry too much about what others are going to think about my writing/posts. i worry that what i write about on here or what i post on instagram, people are going to judge. i hate that. i try and tell myself all the time to not worry what others are going to think. i should write for me and for the people who enjoy my writing. you think i shouldnt worry about that crap but i do! its sound silly because i am doing something for myself and others but then im worried about what others are going to think or say. i think that is going to be one of my goals for 2019…to not care so much about what others are would think/say.

#2: i started blogging because i told myself i needed an outlet that was creative. and here i am! its been about six months and im still figuring out what i want to blog about. because right now i feel like i blog about 10,000 different things. but dont worry, fashion is not my strong skill here. so no worries about me talking about fashion. i think blogging has really helped me “come out of my shell”. i think its important to try something new and i knew i needed to do something i havent done before. i now think about blogging all the time and are always thinking about what i can blog about next.

#3: i am the only child with divorced parents. shocking? probs not. yeah i am the only child soooo growing up, i had just me, myself and i. i always wanted a little brother or sister but i dont think the world could handle more than one of us. LOL. but growing up, my parents where divorced (dont worry, i will not go into detail). so i lived with my dad (we arent even going to go there…) and visited my mom on the weekends or days off school. sorry there isnt a lot of detail here…sore subject.

#4: i buy almost all my clothes at goodwill or off the clearance racks. for some reason, my brain doesnt like to spend a lot of money on clothes. i think the reason is because style comes and does so quickly that i cannot wrap my head around spending $50 bucks on a shirt and only wearing it twice. plus i love the hunt for cute, semi stylish clothes (told you i wouldnt blog about fashion) from goodwill or the messy clearance racks. i also love when im asked: “where did you get that sweater or shirt?”. and i get all warm and fuzzy inside, squint my eyes and have a little smile on my face and say: “goodwill”. although, i nearly died when i “went all out” for my birthday outfit and spent $30 on a sweater…but you only turn 25 once ๐Ÿ˜‰

#5: i have my bachelors in early childhood education. this is a hard topic for me because i dont regret going to school for education but looking back, i wish i would have done something more neutral. BUT at the time, i wanted to be a teacher and there will always be a little part of me who wants to be one. but right now, i cannot see myself in a classroom. i find the developmental side of education far more interesting than the teaching. i love watching children problem solve and learn from their mistakes. SOOO thank you to all the teachers out there, you guys are rockstars!

#6: i am an administration supervisor aka an office manager. i work for a logistics company called mainfreight . pretty much we move freight from point a to point b. i never ever saw myself this is position but it has helped me mature in ways i knew i needed to work on both professionally and personally. even though i work in an office of mostly guys, there is never a dull moment. the guys like to use nerf guns and throw stress balls….dont worry i have a nerf gun in my desk drawer and have stress balls ready for any occasion.

#7: i love whiskey. ask any on my friends. i blame nick, 100% for getting me to like it wayyyy back in college, just kidding…its not wayyyy back but its been a couple of years. if you needed to know my go to, its: whiskey with seltzer water (yes, i have taste buds of a 50 year old man). otherwise, if youre buying, i would do an old fashioned, sour (if brandy is an option, i normally go with that) or a whiskey sour with egg white served up. ugh now i want one!

#8: nick and i have been dating since april 2012. wow, that sounds like a super long time saying it that way! if you want all the gush here it is: we meet in our senior year of high school, in math class. He started talking to me first (he would tell you otherwise). but i would tell my friends how weird it was that nick was talking to me (ladies, i know you got my back here!!!) . but after a couple months of talking and during spring break where my friends took my phone and changed nicks name to “BOYFRIEND”, we had our first date at chilis…come on, we were 18! it was the thing! and the rest is history. i wouldnt trade nick for the world, hes the best! its amazing how someone can double as your boyfriend and your best friend ๐Ÿ™‚

hang in there, i am just as shocked as you are that i made it this far about talking about myself.

#9: i love doing laundry. and no, this is not an invite for me to come over and do yours. i guess im just that crazy person who likes their stuff clean all the time. theres no guessing, thats the truth. im crazy. and i love things clean. brb, while i do some laundry.

#10: i love my home. nick and i bought our house back in april. its a duplex, we live on the bottom and rich, our tenet lives on the top. rich is not your normal “upstairs neighbor”. hes in his 70s, hes lived here for over 20 years and still goes out every thursday with this high school friends. both nick and i along with our family and friends have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this place. but at the end of the day, i am proud to call this house home, i am proud of all the learning that has taken place here and i am happy for all the memories that have been made here so far. as a kid, i was always moving around so now having a home that i know isnt going anywhere soon, means a lot to me. i love milwaukee, i love bayview, i just love the city. trust me, mud, dirt roads and trucks are not for me. i will always be a city girl and i totally okay with that!

guys….we made it!! i hope you know feel like we are besties. i hope i didnt bore you or i didnt just say stuff and youre like: “i already know this kelsey”.

heres to 2019, heres to not worrying about what people will say or what people will think. here is to blogging without limits. heres to believing in myself that i can do this and i should trust my judgement!

xoxo kelsey

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