hey party people,

i wanted to write a post about being 25. i know, i know…big deal.

plus today is my birthday so how would i know anything about being 25?

i guess the first reason why i am here is because i havent done a reflection post in forever and the second reason is because I WANTED TOO!

i think 24 was filled with complete highs and complete lows and by lows, i mean the lowest of lows.

the past year i would say has been the most fun i think ive had in my adult life but was filled with so many life lessons.

this is a place for honesty right? well, if i am being honest, one of the most important things i have learned this past year is: life is too short. i am not a religious person so i am not going down that path buttttttt for real each day is a gift. you have no fucking idea what tomorrow is going to bring you. you dont know if your tomorrow is going to be good or bad, you dont know if your tomorrow is even going to come. with that being said, its so important to live in the moment ( yes that is super hard, i get that. i am a planner type person and i always need to know each and every detail so yes,  living in the moment is hard for me). there is nothing THAT important to worry about to ruin what you should be feeling and experiencing right then and there in the moment youre in. i have to ALWAYS remind myself to take a break and realize what my life has to offer me. i need that reminder because i am an over thinker, i get worried about the dumbest things. and at the end of the day…that stuff doesnt matter. what matters is what you achieved that day, what good you have done for yourself and others and hope that tomorrow is just as good as today if not, better.

another thing i have learned this past year is, dont settle for something you dont like. **this is something i am personally still working on** if you dont like something, then change it! if you dont like something then let it be known. there should be no shame in your feelings. if your gut is telling you no, then its telling you no. i feel as if i come off as a person who can say anything thats on my mind and i dont care. well that is the case 85% of the time but that other 15% of me HATES saying how i am feeling about something. its because im scared about what the person/s are going to say/react. i am slllloooowwwwly learning that you need to stand up for yourself and say something when you dont like something. regardless if it something minor or something major. this really could be for anything. i feel as if this also goes hand and hand with standing up for yourself.

stand up for yourself. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!! i am learning to put my big girl pants on and stand up for myself. yes. it. can. be. super. hard. but. you. can. do. it! i am horrible at this, i really struggle with sticking up for myself because i am so worried about what others are going to say or how they are going to react. but why should that matter? if youre expressing how you feeling than who cares? you have every right to say what you want…okay within reason, you know what i mean. so here is your wake up call! do not be scared or worried to stand up for what you feeling or what you believe in. and know youre not alone in this, i am with you. when i am sticking up for myself, i literally have this little voice in my head telling me that it is okay and that im doing the right thing. so if you wanna envision me in your head… ill let you 😉

lets see, what else have i learned?

owning a house isnt all cupcakes and rainbows but i wont bore you with all of that stuff lol…maybe in another post

orrrr have getting a puppy is a non stop job? dont worry, i will be posting “glen 102” soon! i dont leave you guys hanging on glen updates!

oh one more thing i learned it, dont be afraid to try something new. how cliché right? but seriously! sometimes you have to “bite the bullet” and do it. one thing that sticks out to the me the most is this blog. in the back of my head, i have this dream of becoming a “famous blogger”…fingers crossed and hopefully someone famous see this and loves me and wants to make me famous lol! but i literally talked YEARS about starting a blog but never did. i would get so close to signing up for one and then nope. never happened. one day after work, i told myself that if i dont sign up right now then ill never do it. looking back on it, it was one of the best choices i have made. starting a blog as taught me to let go and really express what it is i am feeling. it has shown me that i shouldnt care what people are going to think and say about me. if someone really likes what i have to say, they will keep coming back for more. its taught me to think outside the box. i would say that about 23/7 i am thinking about what i should blog next about. it sounds crazy but i love it. 

lastly, as i have blogged about before… but dont worry about where you are right now in life. because it could be tonight, tomorrow or in five years, you will figure out what this life has in store for you. how i look at it is, how boring would life be if at 25 you know everything you needed to know, you had your whole life figured out and you just ran through the motions of everyday life. no. that sounds like no fun if you ask me. my point is, this is your reminder that its okay if you have no idea what you want to do in the future or even what you want to do right now in life. regardless what youre doing, just make sure YOU are happy. do things that make you shine, make your soul warm and make you excited for tomorrow. but remember, enjoy today as much as you can, dont worry so much and tell people that you love them because tomorrow is never a promise. 

happy birthday me and to the probs four million other people who i share this birthday with 🙂


25, kelsey. 

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