worlds best diy hand soap

IMG_7461.jpegugh its dark out. its been dark since like 2:30 this afternoon. i was at desk today thinking “oh ill just go home, write a post on how i did a little diy for the front porch”. well that didnt go over well. i was half was home and realized how dark it actually was. ugh again.

now i didnt just write this for something to write about,  im writing it because i have been waiting to share my diy hand soap for some time now.

i never really “care” about what hand soap i use but i can tell when im using one that isnt natural. what i mean by this is, my hand become sooooo dry from washing them and the smell for the soap really strong. so i took matters into my own hands (lol) and discovered how to make homemade soap. what i like about it is, youre able to create your own scents and it lasts you forever!

here is what is needed:

first off, you want to make sure the soap dispenser you have is for foam soap. because lets me honest, who doesnt like foaming hand soap.


from there, you want to measure 1/2 teaspoon of the optiohen. youre probably wondering why you need something that you literally never heard of before. well, it keeps the soap from going bad. i mean, we dont have to get into detail here but we all know what happens to water if you let it sit out for a couple of weeks or a couple of months. in all seriousness, this helps to keep the soap fresh since youre not going to use the whole bottle within a couple of weeks… i mean if you do great but at my house, i make a new soap every couple of months.


next, add in four tablespoons of dr. bronners


now that both of the those are added, you will notice the mixture become almost like gel. that is totally normal.


now its up to you to pick how you want your soap to smell. i change it up a lot. sometimes i make it light and fruity while other times i make it stronger with more complex scents.


i hate to burst your bubble butttt i do not have a list of what smells the best because i normally just add what i think will smell good. although, keep your drop count under 50 if you can!

this batch was: lavender and patchouli. i did 15 drops of patchouli and 25 of lavender. add the oil to the “gel” mixture in the dispenser and mix together (mix by moving the dispenser from side to side). **disclaimer** – i use oils that make sense for my life & i am not a crazy oil person who knows the ins and outs of different oils. my favorite and most reasonable brand i use of oil is plant therapy. but i do use doterra here and there!


add cool water of the “gel” mix and shake! some of the “gel” might not come off the bottom right aways, thats okay…it will 🙂


lastly, place in your bathroom (or kitchen) and take a picture of it! (like i did at the start of this post).

i hope your hands feel clean after reading this.


xoxo kelsey


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