*insert alicia keys singing “new york” here*



if i told you i knew what i was doing in new york, i would be lying. i mean, yeah i knew why i was there…we were visiting nicks brother but what i mean is, if you asked me what parts of new york we visited or where something was…i would have no. idea.


nick, betty and i took this past weekend to visit nicks brother, danny. from the start, i was at a disadvantage. why? because both nick and betty have been to the city multiple times, danny has lived there for going on six years. the days leading up to leaving, i was getting asked: “what do you want to do?”. i literally had no idea what i wanted to do. how is that possible? its new york, its filled with EVERYTHING!! yeah everything of what didnt know what to do. for example, i at least knew i wanted to get a bagel or ten. well, you google “best bagels in new york” and get EVERY SINGLE BAGEL SHOP NYC HAS. so yeah, i had no idea what i wanted to do in new york…besides getting bagels.

i will have to say, thank god we had danny with us because he knows the ins and outs, he knows what happening and whats no. again, i was focused on bagels…duh. so i cannot take all the credit here, danny was over the top helpful with helping us to figure out what we should all do.

below you will see a few things i recommend to do if you visit the big apple:

  • just walk. like ive said in past posts, one of my favorite things to do on vacation is to just walk around. i have found that by just walking, you come across some of the best things a city has to offer. just remember your $400 gucci boots will not cut it here, you need to put on your tennies  and im only saying that because one day we walked just under 16 miles!IMG_7372-1.jpeg


  • one of my favorite bagel places in new york (yes, i was there last time i visited) is called black seed bagels. its SO yummy. and just because ive been there before doesnt mean i ordered the same thing each time.  yes, i know there is a million different bagel shops but this one doesnt disappoint.
    • okay, i lied. we went to baz bagel & omgggg YUM! this was the first time while being in nyc that i actually sat down and ordered more than just a bagel for breakfast. this place was so cute, it was small (because its new york, space is limited!!) we got a seat at the counter and it was still so cute. it was themed kinda like an old diner. i ended up getting an omelette  (with cheese, come on…im from wi), bagel and coffee. and yes, it was amazing! and of course, i was so into my food that didnt get a picture of it, i only got a picture of the coffee.


  • if you like markets, its a must that you visit the chelsea market (to all my kelsey friends, yes this bothered the shit out of me!! ITS KELSEY!). this place was awesome. since i was on the east coast, i knew clam chowder was in my future although not as good as bostons, it still filled the void i had. if you know anything about me, i have the bladder the size of a 92 year old women so we had to make a pit stop. as i returned from the bathroom, i found nick buying two beers (naturally both for himself but then i yelled at him and i ended up getting one lol). wellllll once thing led to another and we ended up staying at this shop for another three beers… #wisconsin. why you ask? because one: they were cheap and two: i have yet to see wisconsin sell brooklyn brewery beer so obvi i filled my belly up with this liquid gold.



  • little branch  is. so. good. if youre anything like me and enjoy craft cocktails, this place should be top on your list. the entrance to this place doesnt have flashy lights nor does it have loud music but once you get downstairs,  i would recommend getting a whiskey sour, up with egg white. heeeeeellloooooo mommmmma. one of the BEST $16 dollar drinks i have ever had.


  • time square, just go. i literally do not have to say more. if you like lights, movement and advertisement OH and the naked cowboy…go to time square. ( i did pretend it was new years eve and the ball was dropping and i was counting down…if you were wondering).


  • i havent laughed this hard in so long and i blame it all on the comedy cellar. oh my god. i was laughing so hard that i had tears and my stomach hurt. i thought it was ironic that out of the 90 minute show, also all of the stand-ups joked about wisconsin…dont worry, i enjoyed it. but that wasnt even the worst part, the host thought nick and i were siblings. like come on. no. regardless of that, this place is iconic. the comedy cellar does not announce who the comedians are for the night so you might see someone famous. although no one “famous” came out, it still was totally worth it. it was the funniest 90 minutes of my life!


  • i thought the milwaukee art museum was cool. yeah five stories and the original  starry night painting later, i knew i had been proven wrong. holy smokes. moma is to die for! if youre into art as much as i am (i love art) youre going to die at this place. i think that starry night was pretty amazing. i mean, i love van, we lunch once. i could go on and on about how much i enjoyed the art but ill save you the time.



  • if youre anything like me, and you love bourbon… which means youll love the kings county distiller tour. you start off the tour by getting youre a drink, then a little background info about the company and where distilling came from. from there you walk to the other side of the navy yard where they show you how their bourbon is made. after you see the operations, you are given samples of their product. we sampled a ton of different stuff from moon shine (literally burned for a good 45 mins, jk. i was more like two mins) to flavored bourbon. the flavored bourbon i ended up getting was chocolate. it wasnt bad but i felt like i was licking raw cocoa…because i do that all the time.



  • i love meat, any kind, all types of meat. if i had to recommend a deli in nyc, it would 110% be katz deli. sweet baby jesus mother of god, i cried a little before, during and after eating my sandwich. trust me, there is nothing more you need to get there then the pastrami sandwich. who doesnt want a FULL pound of hot pastrmai on rye bread with yes, the mustard… its a must. even if you dont like mustard,  you have to get it because it makes the sandwich. anyway. who doesnt like a pound a meat and housemade pickles? no one, youre right. and you if you dont like mustard…we might not be friends anymore?



  • if youre into having more than one beer served to you at once, then i would say mcsorleys old ale house has to be one of your stops. if youre indecisive like me, this place is perfect for you. you pick between either light or dark beer and you’re served two beers at a time. the reason why i like this place is because it kind of reminds me of home,  you are seated family style so the table isnt just with the people you came with and two, your glasses are  never empty because it is made sure youre drinking well.



longest blog post ever? i think so.

it was soooo hard to pick out those few things because we over all did so much, i hope you enjoy & i hope you can check out these places for yourself sometime 🙂

xoxo kelsey

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