boston, mass.


i am a changed woman now, i like seafood.

here is a little back story of what i mean: i swore i HATED seafood before i went to boston. i told myself: “youre going to boston and there is going to be seafood everywhere. you. have. to try. it”.

i did.

and, i loved it!

nick and i headed to boston last week to surprise my big sister. but it wasnt just her that was in boston, she was just the only one being suprised. boston consisted of six adults, two babies under two and one house. and all i can say is…thank god for whiskey (and deep eddys too 😉 )

overall we did a lot of family things but then nick and i went off for a day and explored boston without a plan and loved it. i think that is one of my favorite things to do, i love going to new cities and just walking around.


the first day there we went to the boston public garden, and it was pretty sweet and i guess this park has around since 1837.  it almost reminded me of central park but not a big and there were less buildings around us. the park was filled with people, a duck pond where you can get your feet wet and hot dogs. yes, i couldnt stop myself and i got a hotdog…10/10 by the way. overall, it was a great park! and i learned the rain doesnt stop ANYONE in boston…they just whip out their umbrellas and carry on with their day.




day two when hit up crane beach, it was cold. i mean not for us wisconsin people but its was kinda cold for going in the water. i always love seeing the ocean so i wasnt to upset, i at least got my toes wet 🙂 annnnnd traumatized my niece by putting her toes in the water. and nothing beats having a drink while looking out into the water. on our way home from the beach we stop at russell orchards farm, a super cute farm/petting zoo. i literally wanted to buy everything in their store and take home a few on the animals. and yes, i did have ice cream…come on, dont you guys know me by now?!




day three, all the girls took on the zoo, if you were at all worried about what the boys did, they went to fenway to see a red socks game and drank, surprised? no, me neither.  and lets on honest, the zoo is for everyone and if you dont like the zoo, im not sure if we can even be friends…seriously. anyway, we went to the southwicks zoo and it was totally not what i expected but in a good way! unlike milwaukees zoo, southwicks was gravel walk ways, all natural barriers and no fish. southwick also had a HUGE open deer area where deer roamed freely and you are able to walk the paths and feed them. although it was a bit of a drive, i would recommend it 100%.




on our last full day, nick & i took on the city! we were given a few suggestions and they filled up a portion of our day but then the rest of the day let us explore the city with no set plans. and like i said, that is my favorite part about traveling. since we hit soooo many different places, here is list of what i suggest 🙂

  • quincy market…this is where i fell love with clam chowder in a bread bowl
  • the italian district: over all a cute part of town but also where paul reveres (he had 16 kids, YIKES!) house is & mikes pastries where we got cannolis
  • the boston to charlestown ferry, its super cheap and youre able to see the whole skyline. the ferry ride one way last 10-15ish minutes and then you get off and go right back on, back to boston…totally worth the 7 bucks!
  • the public market is filled with little shops along with good kombucha
  • obvi we stopped for a drink, we ended up at the  the green dragon tavern which was established in 1654. OLD! but i would suggest getting the boston tea party drink… YUM!
  • ***disclaimer*** clearly there is a TON of U.S. history is boston but lets be honest…i rather eat, drink and find random things/places while i walk around




after we took on the city, we went back to camp and had lobster where again, my life right then and there changed forever and hello… YUMMY! nick & i were both taught how to brake open a lobster and what to eat and what not to eat. i was on the fence about the whole experience but i dont regret it one bit because now all i want is lobster 😉


thanks for stopping by and checking out everything we did in boston!!


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