hollandaise on sundaise


hello ya’ll,

im back.

i know i said i was back like a month ago but hey, life happens…right? I WILL MAKE SURE THIS IS FOR REAL!

anyways, i woke sunday morning and realized i needed to blog, i have been thinking about it almost everyday and have done nothing about it. i figured i would come back, again, with a bang and make eggs benny. I mean, come on! who doesnt like love a half of a stick of butter and bacon on a sunday morning?

if you dont, youre weird but i still like you 😉

i cant take all the credit here, i actually found this recipe here. but i thought to share how i do it because why not? and again who doesnt like hollandaise sauce?


this is what is needed to make this:

-2 microwavable bowls (i use pyrex measuring cups)

-a wisk

-2 egg yolks

-1/4 cup salted butter, melted

-a pinch of cayenne pepper (i use more than a pitch) & salt

-1/4 of a lemon (lets be honest, i have no idea how much that is, so i just use lemon juice and add two long squirts to it).


you would think it would be easy to remember to only keep the yolk but i cannot tell you how many times i only saved the whites and not the yolks.


next, you pretty much add almost everything together. here i broke the yolks, added a pinch of cayenne pepper, salt and those two long squirts of lemon juice.


now, you have to use your super strong wrists… i know you have them sooooo whisk the shit out of that yolk mixture. literally just keep whisking until smooth, this might take a minute or two.

once your wrists fall off from so much whisking, you then pick your wrists up and melt that 1/4 cup butter. i use a little pyrex and microwave until melted. then i slowly whisk in the butter into the yolk mix.

once fully combined,  microwave the mixture for 20 seconds and stir & HELLO HOLLANDAISE SAUCE! (if the mixture is too thick, just had a little water…ive never had this problem but just in case).


now the hard part really isnt the sauce, its toasting the english muffin, cooking the turkey bacon annnnnnd pouching eggs. trust me, pouching does take practice, i took poaching 101 in college…was a breeze ;).  but who cares what your eggs are looking like when you hollandaise sauce!!

oh & top with parsley, if youre feelin’ it!


enjoy babes!

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